2018Responsibilities toward Society, Environment and Related persons

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The Company encourages sustainable development with responsibilities toward society, environment and all stakeholders which is in accordance with company’s vision and is divided into group activities as shown below.

1. Equitable Business Practices

The Company strives for legitimacy practice, and performs its duties with honesty and straight forwardness under the Company’s rules and regulations and performs the business ethics in all its activities and decision makings of the Company.

2. Anti-Corruption

The Company recognizes the importance of fighting corruption. The policy against corruption lays out the Company’s practices even more clearly, and rejects corruption in all forms. It also builds awareness and promotes the values of integrity and honesty, as well as makes the fight against corruption part of the corporate culture. Anti-corruption efforts fall under supervision, control, risk management and internal control systems that help prevent corruption more effectively.

3. Complying with Human Rights

The Company stresses the importance on complying with human rights by adhering on its business practices to be in accordance with human rights which is the basic rights of all human beings who are born with equality with the same honor, and privilege without deprivation or non-allowance of any special rights, or any discrimination due to their differences on races, nationalities, religions, sexes, color of their skins, ages, languages, or educational institutions, and including other items unrelated to the discrimination on human rights.

4. Treating Labor Force Fairly

The Company recognizes the importance of human capital, which is the most important factor that will drive the organization towards its goals. The Company has thus laid out a plan to enhance and develop its human resources as follows:

  1. Set a plan and clearly allocate a budget each year. There are 3 levels of human resource development: Organization Development, Career Development and Training Development.
  2. Arrange annual health checkup for employees, with an appropriate health checkup program, and negotiate with the hospital to provide added screening programs to employees at a special price. Also, coordinate with the hospital to bring the checkup program to the Company’s premises.
  3. Allocate staff welfare benefits such as medical expenses through life insurance and group accident insurance plans, and other financial assistance such as for an employee’s funeral; death of an employee’s father, mother, child or lawful spouse; employee’s marriage; and employee’s ordination etc.
  4. The Company continuously places importance on the engagement of employees in the organization, offering various initiatives such as We Applause activities and activities that encourage employees and congratulate them, on an individual or group basis, when success is achieved. This creates pride in their work. Job Switching activities allow participants to try to work in other functions, which helps create greater understanding among employees.
  5. The Company announces policy on safety, health, and environment in the working place by arranging all levels of employees to join in many levels of safety levels. This is to move its safety policy to be more substantially viable and correspondence with related laws and safety standards.
5. Responsibility to Customers and Consumers

The Company intends to create, produce, and distribute quality goods and services; this includes media productions and all forms of entertainment to continuously satisfy customers of the Company, as well as engage service departments to oversee, clarify doubts, and solve problems for customers. The Company welcomes the return of all types of products if they are found to be defective, do not meet quality requirements, or cause problems once they have been used.

6. Caring for the Environment

The Company encourages campaigns and creates awareness among employees in the conservation and efficient use of various resources and energy. There is a campaign for employee to encourage the reduction of plastic cup usage, and to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. The Company also publicizes eco-friendly guidelines that can be implemented in the daily lives of executives and artists, as well as creates and supports activities that are continuously beneficial to the preservation, conservation and use of natural resources, the environment and energy. The promotion of campaigns and cultivation of consciousness in knowing the value of and appreciating and using resources effectively include reducing the use of paper and employing more electronic data; using two-sided paper; helping to save electricity by shutting down the air conditioning system about 30 minutes before work ends; taking out the middle light bulb in a 3-bulb light fixture; and turning off the air conditioner and lights during the break. By displaying public relations media at various points, employees are aware of the campaign objectives.

7. Development of a Community or Society

The Company has pushed for the development of a better society through its own efforts as well as working with the state and community, and encouraging employees and staff to regularly participate in various activities for the community and society. There are tracking means to measure progress and long-term success in order to ensure that the Company has complied with its social and environmental policy. In 2018, the Group demonstrated its role and responsibility towards society through the following activities:

COOLfahrenheit, led by Mr. Prinn Muensuksaeng, Managing Director, along with CoolJ. Pipe Kitcharoenkankul gave money from the activities of “COOL Running #runforlook” to the Prostheses Foundation of Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra the Princess Mother. Dr. Wirat Phanpanich, Deputy Secretary of Administration, and Dr. Phirun Kham-oun, Deputy Secretary-General for Academic Affairs and Research, received the funds, which will be used for making prosthetic legs for underprivileged disabled persons.
COOLfahrenheit, led by Mr. Prinn Muensuksaeng, Managing Director, and CoolJ., as a representative, brought donations from the activities of “COOL Degree, Listen for Good 2018″, where listeners and fans do something good together. They accumulate listening points through the COOLISM application to exchange for donations delivered to Thai Blind Foundation and Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King.
Artist representatives were led by Mungkorn-Paphawin Hongkajorn and Mean-Aujjima Kosuma from Channel 8 and Tonkhao-Khemnat Thajiramongkolkit or Tonkhao RSiam and Kluay-Sirirat Janthed or Kluay RSiam, from the RSiam Label, under the “Channel 8 Project to Help Flood Victims”. The rehabilitation and cleanup efforts were joined by Mr. Sitham Ratchakaew, Chief District Officer of Ban Laem in Phetchaburi Province, and more than 200 villagers from the community in the area around the Murahman Islamic Mosque in Bang Khrok District, Ban Laem District, Phetchaburi Province. The artists offered encouragement to the flood victims whose homes and public community areas were destroyed. In addition, the artists distributed shirts to the victims as well.
On the occasion of National Mother’s Day 2018, the Social Welfare Council of Thailand under Royal Patronage provided food for travellers at Hua Lamphong Railway Station in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Queen of King Rama IX. Two volunteer artists from the Company were present, led by Lala RSiam and Thanya RSiam, who helped hand out 5,000 food tiffin sets to the travellers.
The “Sharing of Hearts from Friend to Friend No. 3” by pop-rock artists of Thailand, “Flame” band, included Keng-Aphimongkol Koonthakar, Jane-Watcharasak Kamsaen and Jo-Sarit Charatwirot; they invited fellow artists and fans to join a lunch, with a mini concert at the Protection and Development Center for People with Disabilities (Female), Khlong 6, Pathum Thani province.
COOLfahrenheit, together with the Naval Radio Station covering the entire country, led by Mr. Prinn Muensuksaeng, along with CoolJ. Kan-Rangrong Wannarot, CoolJ. Tum-Phatawut Singhasenee and CoolJ. Nick-Tiraphata Chaijanya, organized an activity to share love and kindness for the underprivileged in the “Voices for Children” project at Baan Dek Ramindra School (blind and disabled children’s home). They donated money and necessary supplies, and served a meal. They also did activities to create happiness and bring smiles to the children.
On the occasion of the birthday of Her Highness Prince Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra, the Social Welfare Council of Thailand under the Patronage of His Majesty the King, held an event titled, “Remembering Princess Galyani Vadhana…Kaew Kalaya Flower of the Country”, to commemorate her dedication to the disabled. It was widely publicized at the Atrium3 Zone, Central World Shopping Center, by Tonkhao RSiam and Pleng RSiam, representatives of the artists from the RSiam label. They also sold Kaew Kalaya flower products and artificial flowers made by disabled people to raise funds to help people with disabilities all over the country.
Dr. Ong-Art Singlumpong, MD of Channel 8 television station, along with affiliated actors Fluke-Jira Danborwornkiat, Iang-Sittha Sapphanuchat, Jean-Gaewalin Sriwanna and Fai-Weluree Disyabutra, donated income after deducting expenses in the activity titled, “Hanuman Urban Run” to the Veterans Hospital, supporting the provision of tools, appliances and medical equipment.
Two stars, led by Bowling-Prisana Kampusiri, an artist from Channel 8, and Lada RSiam from the RSiam label, joined as the facilitators of the National Children’s Day event. Activities included “Merit-making Activities for Non-Cruelty Towards Animals” of the Thai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA) at Dusit Zoo (Khao Din Wana) in order to instill knowledge, understanding and compassion for animals in children and young people.
Mrs. Wallaya Wattanatham, Director of Bangkok’s Environmental Department, organized a 1-hour lights-off campaign to reduce global warming in the campaign “60+ Earth Hour 2018”. Thai people across the country were invited to turn off the lights for 1 hour. Artists from Channel 8, including Fai-Weluree Disyabutra and Krit Amornchailerk, acted as the presenters. They also joined as ambassadors in the campaign. Other large cities all over the world also participated, to help save electricity, which is one of the causes of the global warming crisis.
Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, presided over a ceremony, along with the Deputy Minister of Commerce, Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property and RS artists, including Mungkorn-Paphawin Hongkajorn of Channel 8, Keng-Aphimongkol Koontakarn, Thanya Daraphat Taweenan or Thanya RSiam and Tonkhao-Khemnat Thajiramongkolkit or Tonkhao RSiam. They were joined by network partners in the Subcommittee for the Suppression of Intellectual Property Violations, Internal Security Administration Division, Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy, Royal Thai Police, Ministry of the Interior, Department of Intellectual Property, Department of Customs, Department of Special Investigations, Public Relations Department and private owners of intellectual property rights. The group presided over the destruction of intellectual property infringement goods from cases in which final rulings have been made.
Commander and Female Medical Officer Ubonwan Jaroonruankrit, Director of the National Blood Center of the Thai Red Cross Society and the National Blood Service Center of the Thai Red Cross Society, led artist Bew Kalayanee RSiam to meet with General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, to invite Thai people to dress in Thai costumes and donate blood. The purpose was to preserve Songkran traditions in the project called “Donate Blood During the Drought Season” at the National Blood Service Center, in order to maintain a sufficient blood supply to dispatch to various hospitals throughout the country.
Mr. Thiraphong Pangsiwong, President of the Thai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA), and Dr. Panthep Rattanakorn, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Mahidol University, presided over the event “Love, Do Not Set Free for Set Zero No Rabies” to exchange knowledge and create an understanding about solving stray animal problems by campaigning for stray dogs to be vaccinated. Artists Mungkorn-Paphawin Hongkajorn and Goodwill Ambassador of TSPCA Mim-Rattanaporn Klinkulaphiran of Channel 8 also participated in the event.
RS stars and Channel 8 artists, such as Mungkorn-Paphawin Hongkajorn and Tonkhao RSiam as presenters, joined the campaign for Thai people to refrain from drinking alcohol throughout the three months of Buddhist Lent. At the press conference on “National Alcohol Abstinence Day”, which corresponds with Buddhist Lent Day of every year, they explained that abstinence will help reduce expenditures by more than 11 billion baht, which is the starting point to reduce and stop alcohol consumption, strengthening the family institution. The project, “Stop Alcohol for the Buddhist Lent”, also sought those with alcohol drinking problems, offering access to treatment systems, going hand in hand with all activities organized for “National Alcohol Abstinence Day”.
Awards Received in 2018
Fluke-Jira Danbowonkiat, an artist from Channel 8, was selected by the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center as the “World AIDS Day Presenter of the Year 2018”. He received a commemorative medal from Her Royal Highness Princess Somsawali, and campaigned for the greater awareness among Thai people to prevent AIDS.
Artists Aof Dokfah RSiam and Kanda RSiam received the Diamond of Siam Award 2018 (the outstanding citizens of the year 2018) in the actors and artists segment, as organized by the Thai Creative Media Club.
Country singer Bew Pongpipat RSiam received recognition on behalf of RS Public Company Limited and as a presenter for the Day of the Disabled 2018, in which there were sales of Kaew Kalaya flowers. The flowers, symbolic of the plight of disabled persons, helped to raise income to help people with disabilities.
“RSiam”, Thailand’s first borderless music label, received the “Diamond Button” award from YouTube because its number of subscribers surpassed 10 million people. This is considered to be a proud moment, and one that guarantees the success of “RS” in terms of reaching new consumers who have experienced lifestyle changes given the shift in modern technology.
The announcers Duay-Phakaphong Udomkalayalux and Naz-Teekamporn Youkamnerd from the program “Pak Tong Dong Ru” of Channel 8 received a Pikanaysuan Award in the category of “Outstanding Professional Development Support Program”. This was organized by the Assembly of Television News Programmers and Newspaper Operators of Thailand in the 6th National Radio Television Ganesha Awards 2018.
Creating the sentiment among Thai teenagers to not try smoking, two artists from RSiam label served as good models; they included Thanya RSiam and Lada RSiam, who received the Artist Award for a Smoke-Free Society in Thailand for the year 2018.
The Artist Council Promoting Buddhism of the Thailand National Buddhism Office, Department of Religious Affairs, and Ministry of Culture, along with Somdej Phra Phutthajarn of Wat Traimit, together presided over the award ceremony “Buddhism Ambassadors for Makha Bucha Day 2018”. Channel 8 performers Jean-Gaewalin Sriwanna and Krit Amornchailerk received the award, honoring them as Thai Buddhists who continuously teach the ways of Buddhism and always maintain the spirit of supporting society.
Actors, presenters and announcers from Channel 8, such as Nan-Kanda Srithammupatham, Fai-Weluree Disyabutra, Krit Amornchailerk and Aof-Akkarapon Thongtharadol, received the “Ananda Mahidol Day” pin, and served as models for the donation campaign for Ananda Mahidol Day. This was to raise funds to support the Ananda Mahidol Foundation, the Thai Red Cross Children’s Home, the Red Cross, sick monks and poor patients of Chulalongkorn Hospital of the Thai Red Cross Society.
Koi-Boonyita Ngamsupapasil and LeeShare-Wiyada Peerarattakun from the Channel 8 morning news program received the “Gold Scales” award plaque for outstanding persons of the year 2018 from the Federation of Child and Youth Aid of Thailand, Association of Consumer Protection Institute and their affiliated networks for 2018. In its 7th edition, the event encourages, raises the status of and gives recognition to people who serve as volunteers.
8. Innovation and Spreading Innovation, Operating with Social, Environmental, and Stakeholder Responsibility

The Company does not stop in its search for new businesses that build on and expand the existing business, amidst changes that occur in each era. The Company is ready to adapt, and leverage the strengths of its existing personnel and resources for maximum benefit. It also introduces new technology and innovation to create the greatest value. This can be seen from the emergence of its new Multi-platform Commerce business. The Company has been inspired to produce innovative global health and beauty products as well as to develop products to meet the needs of consumers, providing them with the best quality of life. The Company wants Thai people to have equal access to technology on a global level. The team, working with partners from research institutes abroad, produces goods for each brand under Lifestar Company Limited.