Senior Manager, Outbound Telemarketing

Job responsibilities

  • Plan and manage the sales performance of telesales (outbound team) to achieve sales target
  • Set the daily target and control the operation to make sure that the monthly and yearly target is achieved. 
  • Develop, control and evaluate the execution of sales strategy
  • Design and execute the activities that can motivate and drive performance of telesales agents
  • Make sure that all staff, who are under his/ her supervision, perform according to the rules and regulations of the RS Group. 
  • Make sure that all telesales agents serve customers with the highest customer service standard. 
  • Monitor and analyze competitors and customers’ behavior so as to be able to revise the strategy or action on a timely basis. 
  • Make sure that all telesales agents have enough skills and knowledge 
  • Report sales performance and corrective action (if the target is not achieved) on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 
  • Make sure that number of agents are enough for the available number of sales leads. 

Job qualifications

  • Male or female, not over than 45 years old
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, management information system or related fields. 
  • Good interpersonal skill. 
  • Strong analytical and communication skill 
  • Being able to manage the sales team under high pressure and expectation. 
  • Strong leadership and managerial skill
  • Experience in TV shopping business will be advantageous 

Application Form

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