Cookies Policy

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Collection of Computerised Data

The company may utilise “Cookie” technology, which is a small data file installed in users’ computers by web browser programs as to allow us to be acknowledged when users visit the website. By utilising the cookie technology, it will ascertain which web browser being used by each user with no further personal data, e.g. first name or address, collected. The cookie technology allows the company to know users’ preferred services, and services that are not in their interest. Therefore, the cookie technology does not only facilitate the company in memorising users that have ever visited the site, counting traffic, or noticing objectives of each visitor, but it also supports the company in providing customised contents or advertisement through the use of Google Analytics, Google Firebase, or any other analytic tools used for data collection in order to drive better, faster, safer, and more private accessibility for users once they visit the website. The technology will automatically log the data sent by users’ web browsers whenever users visit the website or application. Such data include:

1) IP address, Cookie ID 

2) Internet browsing program

3) Websites previously visited by users

4) Visited webpages within company’s platform 

5) Time spent on each specific webpage  

6) Information searched on the website, including visiting time and date, and other statistic data

7) Location data

8) Browsing behaviors on company’s webpages 

9) Operating system used 

These personal data shall be collected for further analysis and evaluation in order to assist the company in developing the services provided on the website. Moreover, in providing services, the company may utilise the “Cookie” technology, or other features occasionally in order to aid the company or relevant parties, based on this Privacy Policy, in collecting or sharing the data, and to help improve company’s services, or to support the company in providing new services and features. Furthermore, the company may link cookies to users’ personal data and contents viewed by users. In this regard, Google Analytics and Google Firebase may be included in company’s services and platforms, facilitating the company in counting the number of visitors and better understanding preferences and interest of users.