Privacy Policy of
RS Public Company Limited

RS Public Company Limited is the operator of  (“Website”), which is a channel to disseminate information about the company and its subsidiaries (“RS Group”), e.g., company background, executives; to communicate business news, press releases, corporate value, job vacancies, and a registration platform for participation in company’s activities. In this regard, users can access the Website via either computers, smartphones, or Internet of Things devices (IoT).

This Privacy Notice outlines how RS Group collects, uses, stores, processes, and manages your personal data. RS Group has been aware of and prioritised privacy and personal data safety concerns for the benefit of all users when visiting the Website and utilising services provided by us, or settling an agreement with RS Group. Therefore, users are encouraged to study this Privacy Notice for further clarification on what purposes and how RS Group collects, uses, and discloses personal data of the users.

1.Collection of Personal Data

Upon landing on the Website, all users shall be required to study and comply with our rules, regulations, and/or the Privacy Notice hereof. Once the users completed reading the Privacy Notice and clicked the Agree button to accept the terms of the collection of personal data, RS Group hereby confirms that RS Group shall collect personal data solely to an extent that is necessary for use.

Personal data collected are as follows:

Job application including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • Country
  • Province
  • Education
  • LinkedIn
  • Resume

Event application including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • For students:
    • University
    • Faculty/Department
    • Year
  • For operators/general public:
    • Workplace/Company
    • Business type
  • Reasons to attend RS CON 2021
  • Topic(s) of interest
  • Images or videos while participating in activities

Workshop application including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • Your business/product name
  • Business status
  • Business type
  • Images or videos while participating in activities

RS GROUP will store the data for 1 year, and the legitimate interest basis are used for processing those data. In addition, RS Group may adhere to the following basis for data processing: (1) Contract, when a user and RS Group are required to be bound by terms or mutual agreement; (2) Legal Obligation, when RS Group is required to comply with legislative requirements; (3) Legitimate Interest, for the legitimate benefit of RS Group and third parties in which such benefit is lawfully superior to the rights of the data subject; (4) Vital Interest, which is necessary to protect life, physical body, or health of an individual; (5) Public Interest, for the benefit of the general public, or to facilitate the state authorities in performing their tasks.

2.Use and Transfer of Personal Data

Users’ personal data stored by RS Group shall be used for the following purposes:

2.1 To facilitate users in using services provided on the Website;

2.2 To be used in the job application process conducted by RS Group;

2.3 To study on user behaviors and develop presentation of structure, information, and contents provided on the Website and other platforms;

2.4 To contact RS Group;

2.5 To apply for an activity or workshop organised by RS Group and to be used in activity-related press releases or public relations;

2.6 To comply with applicable laws.

RS Group may be required to disclose personal data of a user in the case where there is reasonable justification that the user may be adversely affected should his/her personal data not be disclosed. This also encompasses disclosure of data to prosecutors as prescribed by laws, or as deemed necessary by RS Group. RS Group shall consider safety when users’ data need to be disclosed to a third party. Therefore, such third party shall need to collect, use, and disclose the provided personal data to an extent permitted by the data subject, and to an extent necessary for achievement of the aforementioned purposes.

In enhancing the business, RS Group may be required to expand its stores, branches, or business unit. In such case, users’ personal data shall be deemed as company’s assets which are transferable, yet within the scope of terms provided in the Privacy Policy stated hereinabove, except as otherwise agreed. Besides, in the case where RS Group or its entire assets are acquired, users’ personal data shall also be one of the assets to be transferred. In this regard, the users shall be informed of such transfer in advance.

3. Storing of Personal Data

RS Group stores users’ personal data as follow:

  • Storage form: In hard copies and soft files.
  • Storage location: Within the internal IT system and at the operational site of RS Group.
  • Storage duration: Based on the duration of personal data processing defined in Item 1.

Upon the expiration of storage duration, or upon ineligibility, or inability to refer to any basis for data processing, RS Group shall destroy such personal information by employing a secure and safe method, and shall complete it within 30 days from the expiration date.

4. Rights of Company for Data Disclosure

Users agree and grant permission to RS Group to disclose their personal data to authorised government agencies, or the true data subject of such personal data in the case where RS Group has reasonable justification that it is necessary to disclose such users’ personal data to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities, both in a voluntary or compulsory manner, in order to collaborate with government agencies as demanded by the authorities, or to conform to the public investigation process, or as required by laws. Users, in such case, shall accept and agree that they shall not take any legal action or lodge a complaint against RS Group in regard to the disclosure of users’ personal data.

5. Safeguard of Personal Data

RS Group highly considers safety and has executed explicit Privacy Policy, expressing to collect personal data provided by website users.  

6. Rights of Users

6.1 Users have rights to access their personal data given to RS Group.

6.2 Users can request for a copy of personal data given to RS Group.

6.3 In the case where users consider any personal data inaccurate, users can inform RS Group to rectify, amend, or delete such personal data (except when such action can be independently taken by the users. In such case, users can immediately rectify or amend the information and are not required to inform RS Group).

RS Group shall log data correction requests or any other requests concerning users’ personal data as a proof of evidence. 

6.4 Users can contest against collection, processing, or disclosure of personal data.

6.5 Users can withdraw their consent on using or disclosing of the personal data. 

6.6 Users can erase, or destroy personal information related to themselves.

6.7 Users can request RS Group to disclose the source from which their data were acquired in the case where such personal data are not permitted to be collected or stored.

Users are able to make a request for RS Group to take actions as delineated above by sending their concerns to based on the criteria and methods determined by RS Group. Once accepting such request, RS Group shall proceed accordingly within 30 days from the receiving date.

However, RS Group may reject users’ requests in the case where there is legal permission, or where users’ personal data are made anonymous, or unidentifiable

7. Minors, Incompetent Person, or Quasi-Incompetent Person

RS Group has implemented security measures to protect privacy and safety of minors (persons aged not exceeding 10 years), incompetent persons, or quasi-incompetent persons. Therefore, RS Group hereby confirms that it does not adhere to any policy that requires collection of data of minors, incompetent persons, or quasi-incompetent person. In the case where a guardian, curator, or conservator notices that information of minors, incompetent persons, or quasi-incompetent person under his/her guardianship or conservatorship is currently stored on the Website of RS Group, he/she can request RS Group to delete such information by submitting a request, following the instruction provided under Item 6.

8. Collection of Computerised Data

The Cookie technology is a small data file placed in users’ computers by web browsers for further operations and optimisation, as well as to collect data for such websites. The following table outlines the Cookie technology and its objectives.

  • Analytics type including:
    • _ga: This cookie is installed by Google Analytics to calculate numbers of visitors, sessions, campaign information, and track website usage for website analytic reports. The cookie shall collect data without identifiers and assign a unique random number to each visitor.
    • _gid: This cookie is installed by Google Analytics to calculate numbers of visitors, sessions, campaign information, and track website usage for website analytic reports. The data collected include numbers of visitors, sources, and pages, which are displayed in an unidentified form.
  • Other type including:
    • _gat_gtag_UA_162361394_1: Global site tag (gtag.js) is a java script and API to be used to transfer data to Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Marketing.
    • _gat_UA-44283362-17: This cookie is created by Google Analytics to specify codes of the using organisation. This cookie shall be used to limit data to be logged by Google on high traffic websites.


Besides, most of the web browsers allow the users to manage and control Cookies through settings. The users can independently manage Cookies by clicking the links below for further information regarding Cookies management of each web browser.  

For other web browsers, you can search for more information from their developers’ websites, or learn more about Cookies, or Cookies Settings at, or

Should you not wish to be tracked by Google Analytics on any websites, please visit

9. Spam, Spyware, or Virus

RS Group does not allow any user to use spam, spyware, or virus on company’s platforms. To report of any potential spam email that refers to RS Group, please send your concern to the contact details provided in Item 10.

10. Contacts of Personal Data Protection Team

If you wish to exercise your rights or have any inquiry concerning your personal data, please contact RS Public Company Limited No. 27 RS Group Tower, Prasert-Manukitch, Sena Nikhom, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Tel. 02-037-8888, or 

11. Other Terms and Conditions

11.1 Please read and understand the set of Terms and Conditions which specifies the use of services, disclaimer, and limit of liability that govern the use of our services, as well as other relevant policies.

11.2 RS Group may improve this Privacy Policy in response to any change of our services and operations. As a result, RS Group hereby reserves the right to rectify and amend the conditions and details hereof without prior notice.

In this regard, RS Group shall further inform users of such ratification and amendment through the Website.