Privacy Policy of
RS Public Company Limited

RS Public Company Limited (“Company”) is the operator of“Website”)— one of many platforms to provide information of the company, as well as of our subsidiaries, e.g. corporate history, executive management team, and to publish business news articles, press releases, corporate values, and available positions, for instance. Users can use the services through computers or mobile phones, or other devices by connecting to the Internet. This Privacy Policy sets out how the company collects, uses, discloses, stores, processes, and handles personal data when users visit our website and utilise services provided by us, or settle an agreement in respect to the website with the company. Therefore, users are encouraged to study this Privacy Policy, as well as Terms and Conditions, prior to using our services. 

RS Public Company Limited has realised and prioritised privacy and security of users’ personal data available on our website. The company aims to create a database and promote user browsing behaviours to achieve best service provision and enhance service efficiency by collecting, using, or disclosing users’ personal data available on our website. For users’ own benefits, please read and study the Privacy Policy set forth herein to understand that how and for what purposes the company collects, uses, and discloses users’ personal data.

1. Personal Data Collection 

When users use the website, users are required to study and comply with Regulations, Terms, and/or this Privacy Policy. After users study and press the ‘Agree’ button to affirm their agreement with the conditions for personal data collection, the company shall collect their personal data to an extent necessary to optimise the services for users. In addition, the company shall be able to access their information that is open for public, or any information which users agree to publish on their social media accounts (only when the website access is linked to their social media accounts).

Data collected include:

1.1) Email

1.2) Website and application browsing behaviors

1.3)        Collection of computerised data according to Clause 7.  

2. Use and Transfer of Personal Data 

Users’ personal data stored by the company shall be used for the following purposes:

2.1) To facilitate users in using services provided on the website. 

2.2) To send company’s marketing activities to users.

2.3) To examine necessary information available on the website. 

2.4) To study user behaviors and develop presentation of structure, information, and contents provided on the website and other company’s platforms.

2.5) To study usage information on the website.

2.6) To provide useful information for website users.

The company may be required to disclose personal data of a user in the case where there is reasonable justification that the user may be adversely affected should his/her personal data are not disclosed. This also encompasses disclosure of data to prosecutors as prescribed by laws, or as seen necessary by the company. The company considers safety when users’ data need to be disclosed to a third party. Therefore, such third party shall need to collect, use, and disclose the provided personal data to an extent permitted by users, and to an extent where the data is necessary to solely achieve the aforementioned purposes.  

In enhancing the business, the company may be required to expand its stores, branches, or business unit. In such case, users’ personal data shall be deemed as business assets which are transferable, yet within given conditions provided in the Privacy Policy stated hereinabove, except as otherwise agreed. Besides, in the case where the company or the entire assets of the company are taken over, users’ personal data shall also be one of the assets to be transferred. In this regard, the company shall inform users of such transfer in advance. 

3) Rights of Company for Data Disclosure 

Users agree and grant permission to the company to disclose their personal data to authorised government agencies, or the true data subject of such personal data in the case where the company has reasonable justification that it is necessary to disclose such users’ personal data as to carry out duties and responsibilities, and for management purposes, both in a voluntary or compulsory manner, in order to collaborate with government agencies as demanded by authorities, or to conform with public investigation process, or as required by laws. Users, in such case, shall accept and agree that they shall not take any legal action or lodge a complaint against the company in light of the disclosure of users’ personal data. 

4) Safeguard, Accessibility, and Rectification of Users’ Personal Data

The company highly considers safety and has executed explicit Privacy Policy, expressing to collect personal data provided by website users. In this regard, the company shall protect users’ personal data through the use of the following methods:

4.1) Limit access to personal data.

4.2) Consistently and constantly improve and maintain technological tools in order to prevent non-permitted use of computerised data. 

4.3) Securely destroy users’ personal data when they are no longer required to achieve legal or business purposes. 

5) Rights of Users

5.1) Users have right to access their personal data given to the company. 

5.2) Users can request for a copy of personal data given to the company. 

5.3) In the case where users consider that any personal data is inaccurate from what it should be, users can inform the company to rectify, amend, or delete such personal data (except when such actions can be implemented from the users’ side. In such case, users can immediately rectify or amend the information by themselves and are not required to inform the company to do so). 

In this case, the company shall log data correction requests or any other requests concerning users’ personal data as a proof of evidence. 

5.4) Users can contest against collection, processing, or disclosure of personal data.

5.5) Users can withdraw consent on using or disclosing of the personal data.

5.6) Users can rectify or erase personal data.

5.7) Users can request to disclose the sources from which the company acquired their personal data in the case where such personal data are not permitted to be collected or stored. 

Users are able to make a request for the company to take actions as delineated above based on the criteria and methods determined by the company. Once accepting such request, the company shall notify users regarding existence or details of their personal data without delay and within a reasonable timeframe. 

However, the company may deny users’ requests in the case where there is legal permission, or where users’ personal data are anonymous, or unidentifiable. 

6) Minors

The company implements security measures to protect privacy and safety of minor users (aged lower than 20 years and not reach the legal age by marriage). Therefore, the company hereby informs all users that the company does not have any policy to collect personal data of minor users.

7) Collection of Computerised Data

The company may utilise “Cookie” technology, which is a small data file installed in users’ computers by web browser programs as to allow us to be acknowledged when users visit the website. By utilising the cookie technology, it will ascertain which web browser being used by each user with no further personal data, e.g. first name or address, collected. The cookie technology allows the company to know users’ preferred services, and services that are not in their interest. Therefore, the cookie technology does not only facilitate the company in memorising users that have ever visited the site, counting traffic, or noticing objectives of each visitor, but it also supports the company in providing customised contents or advertisement through the use of Google Analytics, Google Firebase, or any other analytic tools used for data collection in order to drive better, faster, safer, and more private accessibility for users once they visit the website. The technology will automatically log the data sent by users’ web browsers whenever users visit the website or application. Such data include:

7.1) IP address, Cookie ID 

7.2) Internet browsing program

7.3) Websites previously visited by users

7.4) Visited webpages within company’s platform 

7.5) Time spent on each specific webpage  

7.6) Information searched on the website, including visiting time and date, and other statistic data

7.7) Location data

7.8) Browsing behaviors on company’s webpages 

7.9) Operating system used 

These personal data shall be collected for further analysis and evaluation in order to assist the company in developing the services provided on the website. Moreover, in providing services, the company may utilise the “Cookie” technology, or other features occasionally in order to aid the company or relevant parties, based on this Privacy Policy, in collecting or sharing the data, and to help improve company’s services, or to support the company in providing new services and features. Furthermore, the company may link cookies to users’ personal data and contents viewed by users. In this regard, Google Analytics and Google Firebase may be included in company’s services and platforms, facilitating the company in counting the number of visitors and better understanding preferences and interest of users.   

8) Spam, Spyware, or Virus

The company does not allow any user to use spam, spyware, or virus on company’s platforms. To report of any potential spam email that was sent under the company’s name, please send the enquiry to the contact details provided in Item 9. 

9. Contact “RS Public Company Limited”

If you wish to exercise your rights or have any inquiry concerning your personal data, please contact RS Public Company Limited No. 27 RS Group Tower, Prasert-Manukitch, Sena Nikhom, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Tel. 0 2037 8888 or 

10. Other Terms and Conditions

10.1) Please read and understand Terms and Conditions that specifies the use of services, disclaimer, and limit of liability that govern the use of our services, as well as other relevant policies. 

10.2) The company may improve this Privacy Policy in response to any change of our services and operations. As a result, the company hereby reserves the right to rectify and amend the conditions and details hereof without prior notice. 

In this regard, the company shall further inform users of such ratification and amendment through company’s platforms.