Terms & Conditions

Welcome to rs.co.th!

RS Public Company Limited (“Company”) is the operator of www.rs.co.th(“Website”)—one of many platforms to provide information of the company, as well as of our subsidiaries, e.g. corporate history, executive management team, and to publish business news articles, press releases, corporate values, and available positions, for instance. The website is accessible by general public under specific Terms and Conditions with which all users are required to read and comply as follows: 

1. Privacy Policies

The company has established a privacy policy to store personal data of users, or other information users have provided for the company, both directly and indirectly, according to Privacy Policy of RS Public Company Limited. 
Privacy Policy of  RS Public Company Limited

2. Intellectual Property

All information and contents provided on the website, including, but not limited to, trademarks, logos, service marks, texts, graphics, logos, button images, images, audios or video clips, collection of information and software, as well as collection and organisation of such information, shall exclusively belong to the company throughout the copyright protection period based on enforced laws.   

In the case where any individual or juristic entity utilises information, or contents, or other components of the website without prior permission, it shall be deemed that such individual or entity has infringed copyright of the company. In such case, the company shall take legal actions against the infringer. 

3. Rights and Responsibilities of Users

3.1) Users shall be of the legal age. For minor users (aged lower than 20 years and not reach the legal age by marriage), the company hereby informs that the company does not have any policy to collect personal data of minor users. 

 3.2) Users shall provide information of their own as requested by the company. 

3.3) Users shall strictly comply with Terms and/or Conditions set forth by the company. 

3.4) Users shall indisputably accept clarification or decision made by the company. 

3.5) Users shall be liable for any damage caused to the company, and/or its subsidiaries, as a consequence of their actions. 

3.6) Users shall be responsible to use the website in a respectful and considerate manner with no profanity, offensive language that hinder the peaceful environment or morality of other individuals, and/or without violating other individuals’ rights. This includes chain letters, bulk contents, or any form of contents regarded as “SPAM”. In this regard, the company shall have rights to remove such contents without prior notice, and such rights to remove the aforementioned contents without prior notice shall thereby exclusively belong to the company.  

3.7) Users shall not fraudulently identify themselves as another individual or entity, or inaccurately provide their personal details. 

4. Linking to External Websites

The company may embed links to and use services of external websites. Consequently, users shall study and comply with terms and conditions, as well as privacy policy, of such specific third-party websites prior to using their services. For example:  

4.1) The company hereby informs that all videos available on our website are run through the video streaming service powered by YouTube (www.youtube.com). The company has employed the YouTube API to fetch video data from YouTube, and utilised YouTube Player as the playback tool on our website and application as for the videos to be viewable and manageable by users directly on our platforms. Prior to viewing videos through the use of video player provided by YouTube on our website or application, users are required to study and comply with YouTube’s Terms and Conditions (more details at https://www.youtube.com/t/terms), as well as Privacy Policy (more details: at http://www.google.com/policies/privacy), in the same manner as they are launching YouTube.com itself for the benefit of video viewing. While users are viewing videos by using YouTube Player on our website, YouTube may collect video viewing data and user browsing behaviours based on Terms and Conditions prescribed by YouTube. 

4.2) In the case where users share a content from the company’s website to their social media, be they Facebook, Twitter, LINE, or any other services, users shall study and comply with terms and conditions, as well as privacy policy, of each platform prior to sharing the content. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Facebook, Twitter, and LINE respectively are readable from the following links: 

4.2.1) Facebook

4.2.2) Twitter

4.2.3) LINE

In this regard, the company shall not be liable, whatever the case may be, for contents outside our website. The existence of outside links on our website is solely for convenience. Moreover, the company shall not take responsibilities to verify accuracy of information. All hyperlinks to external websites are at users’ own risk. The company is not obligated to examine the information or be responsible for consequences resulting from the use of such information in anyway. In addition, the company shall not be responsible or liable for any action, content, product, or service made or provided by such pages and websites. 

5. Special Activities

The company may organise special events as seen appropriate, such as contests, competitions. In such case, the company shall inform all users of terms and conditions and details in advance. Should users wish to participate in such activities, users shall need to agreeably comply with the terms and conditions determined by the company. 

6. Limit of Liability

Users agree that the company shall collect their personal data, and thereby confirm that they have studied, agreed, and accepted that some of the contents available on the website were written or created by third parties or other website users, which are not related to and beyond the control of the company. The company, as a result, shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from such contents or messages, whether they be damage, litigation, demand, or violation, under either a criminal or civil context, computer crimes, or any legal liability, which may affect any computer device, right, or asset that is related to users or a third party, whether by obligations, violations, criminal liability, or whatsoever. 

Liability exemptions of the company shall overarch provision of inaccurate news and/or articles, data transfers, or any other actions taken by the company, company’s partners, service co-providers, or other Internet users. 

7. Disclaimer

Please note that some texts, drawings, photography, songs, movies, collections, or information available on the website are collected from several sources for the purposes of providing users with information, knowledge, and other benefits. The company has taken an effort to accumulate accurate and updated information at all times. However, the company shall not verify credibility, accuracy, and status of such information. Users are required to agree and accept that the company is not authorised to monitor every single information provided on this website as the company only serves as an intermediary in providing news and/or articles for Internet users. 

8. Disputes

In the case where there is a dispute arising between the company and a user, both parties shall agree to compromise. Provided that the dispute cannot be settled, both parties shall agree that Thai courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the resolution of the dispute.  

9. Other Additional Conditions

The company retains the right to exercise the sole discretion to amend Terms and Conditions at any time by posting a notice of such amendments on the website. In this regard, all amendments shall be effective immediately once published on the website. 

10. Contact “RS Public Company Limited”

If you have any inquiry concerning the Terms and Conditions, please contact us at RS Public Company Limited No. 27 RS Group Tower, Prasert-Manukitch, Sena Nikhom, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Tel. 0 2037 8888.