Kamikaze iconic artists perform Ampol Food and HONDA Motorcycle Present “KAMIKAZE PARTY REUNION 2023”

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Kamikaze iconic artists perform their full 80-track setlist

to fulfill their fans’ dream in the concert

Ampol Food and HONDA Motorcycle Present


Renowned for its phenomenal fun completing their fans’ hearts, Ampol Food and HONDA Motorcycle Present “KAMIKAZE PARTY REUNION 2023” under the theme “New Semester” returned with a total of 29 iconic artists from Kamikaze, namely “FOUR / K-OTIC / FAYE FANG KAEW / 3.2.1 / WAII / KNOMJEAN / KISS ME FIVE / X.I.S. / TIMETHAI / MIN / THIRD / MARC and THANK YOU.” They engaged their supporters with a blast through the entire setlist of 80 songs that they have been missing and the cutting-edge stage that let them be closer to their favorite artists than ever. Enhanced by lights, sounds for Kamikaze fans across the hall IMPACT ARENA Muang Thong Thani, the concert occurred last Saturday, 21 October 2023.

The opening scene with Kamikaze’s anthems “My Love’s Called You” and “Kamikaze Wave” began with fun and overwhelming cheering sounds from their fans before the performance began with the freshman gang, including “THANK YOU,” “THIRD” and “MARC” with their hit songs.

Meanwhile, the pop girl gang “FAYE FANG KAEW” began their show in an open-air car and performed their hit song combo and special edition of Your Girl, featuring with “THIRD.”

The performance continued with a gang of smart boys, namely Dr. “MIN,” the cool guy “TIMETHAI” and the handsome boy “KANG.”

Kamikaze’s Dance Club’s performance started with “KISS ME FIVE” to brighten up their fans’ days. After that six hot dance stars “X.I.S.” performed with their hit songs, making the supporters dance joyfully.

The hot student committee “K-OTIC” came with their hit songs and revealed the special edition of their songs featuring with “X.I.S.,” making their supporters scream across the hall.

The stage was then forwarded to the student council’s president like “FOUR,” the mother of Kamikaze, performed hit songs, before inviting girl classmates to feature the full set of hit songs, including “KAEW, WAII, POPPY 3.2.1, FAYE, KNOMJEAN, FANG,” and ending the show with her solo.

 “WAII” the senior of the school showed her diva power in her songs, featuring with “POPPY, K-OTIC,” before performing her medley and featuring “TOMO, K-OTIC” in a super hot dance performance.

The diva “KNOMJEAN” fully projected her power in her performance, ending with the song “Trilogy” in the version of “KNOMJEAN, WAII, GAVIN.”

The gangsters “3.2.1” sent their songs to further add enjoyment, while inviting “FAYE FANG KAEW” to join them.

Lastly, all Kamikaze artists together delivered good vibes and delight through some more songs and as closely as possible greeted their supporters across the hall before closing the concert with amazing performance.