Ratings of all programs on Channel 8 Thailand soared, Highlighting a wide variety of TV content!!

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Ratings of all programs on Channel 8 Thailand soared,

Highlighting a wide variety of TV content!!

Channel 8 Thailand delivered a stellar performance, reaching a two-year high of 0.419 in average ratings. House of the Dark Shadows (Reuan Rom Ngiw), a Thai drama whose final episode just aired, boosted the channel’s rating from the beginning to the finish, with the most viewers of any Channel 8 show. The TV show quickly established itself as one of the top five programs. Furthermore, news and boxing shows improved the total rate. It is predicted that the overall number of viewers across all platforms would surpass 50 million.

Nongluk Ngamroj, Head of Channel 8, stated that “despite all the obstacles and challenges amid the COVID-19 crisis, long vision and unrivalled experience in the entertainment business enabled Channel 8 to put up a defense and draw a crisis solution plan swiftly. The four-legged chair strategy allowed us to generate money from advertising, sell goods through RS Mall or the company’s e-commerce channels, and offer content through Channel 8’s official account and other partners. The primary approach is to gain access to the real lifestyle and provide the right material for the appropriate target groups. We were also able to reach the target groups by displaying the right content at the right timing. Our content is appropriately positioned in each channel for simple access. As a result, Channel 8’s total ratings increased by 15% as a result of the enormous popularity of the Thai drama House of the Dark Shadows (Reuan Rom Ngiw), which received positive response on the screen and on social media.”Interesting programs in the second half of the year are listed below.

  • Drama: We continue to choose top-class literatures by leading authors and top actors to guarantee the fun, both in “The Retribution” (Vela Arcart), “Flower of Lust 2021” (Ran 2021), and “Bond of Hatred” (Buang Bai Boon)
  • News programs, including “Khui Khao Chao” and “Khui Khao Yen”, are adjusted to have “well-rounded and collateral content”. The news will cover all the issues quickly, deeply, and widely, directly serving the lifestyle of people today. Most recently, Sama Komolsingha Director, News Program
  • Variety programs: Channel 8 Thailand is pleased to announce the debut of a new show, “Khrua Lan Thung Suek Chef Sathan Thung,” which will draw renowned chefs from throughout the country to compete for the top prize of a 10-baht golden pan.

  • Regarding boxing, Channel 8 will emphasize its position as the King of Fighting Sports by hosting the “4Man Tournament Championship” to determine the genuine champion from the country’s two top-rated boxing programs: Muay Hardcore and Muay Thai Super Champ. This extraordinary competition is rewarded with a champion belt and prize money.

Channel 8’s expansion points to the extension of programs in order to reach a larger audience. Recently, the station partnered with AIS PLAY, allowing viewers to watch repeats of Channel 8’s drama. Furthermore, we are creating more original content for OTT platforms.

“We believe that the channel’s rating will increase by more than 35% due to various content and satisfied viewers. We are prepared to adapt to the changing behaviors of consumers in the modern day. The total number of viewers is expected to have reached 50 million viewers by the end of 2021, including on TV, online platforms of Channel 8 and other OTT platforms partnering with Channel 8,” according to Ms. Nongluk’s final remark.

For more information and updates about Channel 8 Thailand, read more on www.thaich8.com. For updates about RS Group, please visit www.rs.co.th and https://www.facebook.com/RSGROUPOFFICIAL