RS Group Joins Hands with Chatuchak District deliver RS CARE BAGS

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RS Group Joins Hands with Chatuchak District deliver RS CARE BAGS

to people isolated in quarantine facilities and affected by COVID-19

After delivering ‘RS CARE BOXES’ with medications and medical supplies to the Department of Medical Services for COVID-19 in home isolation care, RS Group carries on the effort to assist society. Most recently, Ms. Nitikan Chitcharoen, Director of Brand & Corporate Communications, and volunteers in the corporation deliver ‘RS CARE BAGS’ containing commodity products to local people in Chatuchak District to express the company’s care and relieve the suffering of people in home isolation care and the adverse impacts from the critical pandemic of COVID-19.

RS CARE BAGS just arrived at the doorsteps of affected families in local communities, starting from Samakkhi Thewasunthorn Community in Chatuchak District, with representatives of RS Group and Chatuchak District delivering to the communities. Currently, COVID-19 patients are being treated under the home isolation policy in several communities. Therefore, aids and cooperation from the private sector in donating water, rice, dry foods, and other necessities play an essential role in relieving the suffering and ensuring local communities are not left behind in these critical times.

The RS CARE BAGS, as many as 500 sets, will continue to be delivered to COVID-19 patients under home isolation care in Chatuchak District and those affected by the pandemic, with representatives from Chatuchak District Office providing the supplies to households.

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