RS Group to pay interim dividends of 0.60 baht/share, total value of 650 mil. baht 

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RS Group to pay interim dividends of 0.60 baht/share, total value of 650 mil. baht 

and to grant warrants to current shareholders on 10:1 ratio,

reinforcing its strong financial status with confidence to hit the 2H target

RS Public Limited Company or RS Group is confident about its impressive business growth in the second half. After closing a significant deal with the world’s leading music label Universal Music Group (UMG) to establish a joint venture with the intention of bolstering the music industry for exponential growth, the company acknowledged over 1.3 billion baht in extraordinary profits. Therefore, the payout of the 0.60 baht/share interim dividends has been approved by the board of directors, and the RS-W5 warrants for current shareholders with a 10:1 ratio has been proposed to the EGM. The RS-W5 warrant holders can exercise their rights to purchase ordinary shares of RS at 6 baht. Reinforcing its robust liquidity, RS Group continues to collaborate with business partners according to its strategy and vision to further develop the business, expecting both the media and entertainment businesses and the commerce businesses with their strong recovery to achieve the goal in the second half of the year.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer, RS Public Company Limited, said: “After unleashing the potential of RS Group’s businesses with the growth through the new business structure under the Entertainmerce business model to equip the working process with more agility and provide more flexibility to explore new partnerships, the businesses under RS Group have achieved impressive business performance. As for the commerce businesses that have successfully reached the new customer base from partnered TV digital channels and new products for both consumers and their pets. Another milestone is ULife’s success to transform its business, which develops and distributes premium health and beauty products, to ‘ULife Subscription Model,’ the monthly program for purchasing products under the Group. In the present, ULife remarkably earned 90% of its revenue from ULife Subscription Business Model. Meanwhile, the media and entertainment businesses have recovered with the revenue from advertisements, content development, and event & concert organization. Recently, RS Music revealed its business direction which strives to be extremely open to new possibilities in the press conference RS Music Uprising EP.1: RS Music X. Moving forward to grow together with Thailand’s top music label partners, RS Music will work closely with them to elevate the country’s music industry and create cutting-edge music works to present new dimensions of music to audience. The partnered record labels, including 411 Entertainment, BOXX Music, High Cloud Entertainment, ME Records, NO1R, What The Duck, and XOXO Entertainment, alongside over 50 talented artists, actors and actresses attended the event. Recently, the first works under the project have been released including ‘Bad Cat’ under the project RS Music x 4Mix and ‘Ma Rak Thammai Ton Ni’ by The Toys from the project ‘Duck Rewinds’ by RS Music x What The Duck. In the future, other projects will be released to surprise fans throughout the year through Youtube: RS MUSIC THAILAND and all streaming platforms.”

After the pandemic, the overall business has recovered constantly and has high liquidity from its impressive business performance and special profits from establishing the JV with Universal Music Group. According to the company’s excellent business outcomes in the first half of 2023, the board of directors has approved the payment of 0.60-baht/share interim dividends, and assigned the ex-dividend date (XD) to be 4 October 2023. Accordingly, the dividend payment will be made on 12 October 2023. In addition, the BOD has proposed EGM to grant free RS-W5 warrants with a ratio of 10:1. The RS-W5 warrant holders can exercise their rights to purchase common stocks of RS at 6 baht. To conclude, the total value of the dividend payout is approximately 650 million baht. With the Value Unlock strategy, the business performance in the second half is anticipated to continue recovering and expanding significantly as planned.

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