RS wins IDC DX Gamechanger Thailand 2020 Award

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RS wins IDC DX Gamechanger Thailand 2020 Award,

Becoming the pioneer corporate of digital transformation

RS Group

Changes triggered by technology applications in every industry and the COVID-19 pandemic are two main factors that accelerate digital disruption. If corporates fail to adapt to the changed context, their downfalls may come before they realize. In the meantime, RS Group has been confronting technology disruption for the past 40 years and managed to thrive as an excellent example of a corporate that successfully adapts to the change in this digital era because of the vision of executives and collaboration of employees. The corporate’s ultimate goal is to entertain people, offer premium products and new services for diverse lifestyles under the Entertainmerce business model. Today, RS Group has won the IDC DX Gamechanger Thailand 2020 Award from IDC Thailand for the most successful organization in business transformation and digital transformation.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Group, revealed that “RS Group is a media and entertainment corporate that has found success in fighting against digital disruption and has fully become a commerce business domestically and globally recognized as the model for business transformation, market shaper, and data-driven organization. In both the commerce and media businesses, RS has turned its audiences into customers by selling the products on RS Mall, COOLanything, other allied platforms, including online and offline ones. This advantage links the Company directly to the customers’ needs and lifestyles. Instead of buying customers’ data from an outsourcer, RS Group has been accumulating a database of customers who buy its products and services. The current customer base is as large as 1.5 million users and counting. The technology-oriented business administration enables RS Group to offer the products and services that serve the customers promptly, pushing the revenue of the commerce business in the third quarter of this year to 644 million baht, which is 10% higher than the second quarter.”

Today, the Company heightens the importance of data management, which is the main strategy for corporate rebranding. To do so, RS Group has created its own tech team and developed the in-house system to serve the characteristic of the business and strategy for optimum flexibility. A data analytics team has also been established for the overall data administration. Some of the technologies that RS Group has adopted are, for example, the salesforce system for sales and customer relations, the Avaya Contact Center System to supervise telesales, the predictive dialer system to use AI to call customers, and the Infor Warehouse Management System to manage the warehouse.

Mr. Surachai added that “in the future, the Company will adopt modern technology to manage data more efficiently by emphasizing on the protection of customers’ privacy along with the investment and preparation for compliance with PDPA requirements. Furthermore, we have specific IT Governance and Risk and Compliance teams to ensure data security. This will guarantee to all relevant parties that RS Group will take care of customers’ data effectively. Besides, the renovation of the Enterprise Business Intelligence Dashboard will allow executives at all levels to access their management to analyze team performance.”

“In the meantime, the Company is planning to understand customers more profoundly. The Voice Analytics will be introduced to analyze the phone calls with customers. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be utilized to set the target group more clearly and accurately. Digitalization of the data will turn all paper-based processes into the enterprise portal to integrate all the data and working processes of the Company in one place.”

All these efforts aim at business security and continuity while protecting customers’ and partners’ data at the highest level. Therefore, the IDC DX Gamechanger Thailand 2020 Award is one thing to stress that investments in corporate development and technology are on the right track. For one thing, they propel RS Group toward sustainability as an environmental-friendly and paperless organization, risk management, and facilitation of executives and staff members to fully step into the self-service system in the upcoming future.