Channel 8 starts the year 2020 with a big bang

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Growth in ratings for news, dramas and boxing programs and positive feedback from agencies 

Channel 8 is off to a great start in the Year of the Golden Rat as digital TV ratings are on the rise. The channel’s news, dramas and boxing programs appeal to the audience, thanks to the strength of its “Connext To The New Era” concept to link all its platforms, both online and offline, to attract more viewers. This is supported by the “People, Cost & Content, Entertainmerce, and Platform & Partner” strategies to boost Channel 8 to be among the top 5. The channel is confident that it will reach yet another new high, earning 1.25 billion baht this year, supporting RS to generate 5.25 billion baht, achieving a new S Curve.   

Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Public Company Limited, said, “In 2020, digital TV channels still have to face a lot of pressure because of the domestic and international economy. For RS, we never stop adjusting ourselves and equipping our organization with readiness by setting our strategies to be aligned with current situations. To remain a leader in order to succeed and achieve the goals that we have set, Channel 8 will remain committed to the slogan ‘Everyone Watches Channel 8 Number 27’, and the channel will continue to be our flagship business for our media business, which has grown well over the past years. Last year, we restructured our management team to move forward more actively. We have also adjusted our program completely, and mix great content with well-planned marketing while joining forces with partners to achieve maximum effectiveness with the concept of ‘Connext To The New Era’. As a result, in January, Channel 8’s ratings skyrocketed in every aspect, especially for news, dramas and boxing programs. In particular, Muay Thai Super Champ, a world-class boxing program, saw a rating of 3.09. Our magnet programs are morning and evening news programs with the concept of ‘Easy Words, Easy to Watch, Easy to Understand’.  A major drama Ruen Sai Sawat which has been recently launched, also saw great ratings and became the talk of the town. The strategy adjustment focuses on three key content categories and has been a great success. Therefore, to reaffirm the total success, in the first quarter of 2020, we will strengthen our business with four key strategies: People, Cost & Content, Entertainmerce and Platform & Partner, supported by modern marketing to win the digital TV battle.” 

Nongluk Ngamroj, Head of Digital Television Business, said, “To keep up with the changing industry, this year, Channel 8 will adjust our strategies to strengthen our media business, focusing on four strategies. People is one of the most important driver of success, and we will restructure our team to ensure Channel 8’s people are agile and efficient in order to face new challenges. They must have a positive attitude towards their work and have an aligned goal. They are encouraged to think outside the box and possess multitasking skills. We will also focus on Cost & Content. Even through the industry in general is stagnant, Channel 8 continues to see higher profits in every year because we are able to maximize our cost in order to invest in new content. We manage our capital to be in line with our revenue, and the investment has to be in the same direction as the ratings.  We strive to be better and handle volatility in the industry and external disruptions. In addition to focusing on news, dramas and boxing programs, Channel 8 also gives importance to Entertainmerce, and we are the leader in this aspect and the revenue has always been good. This year, we will make our programs even more attractive and the audience will be hooked to the shows. We will start with Pak Thong Tong Ru, which has brought great ratings and revenues to RS Mall. Another strategy is Platform & Partner. As the audience changes, Channel 8 has to move forward by joining forces with other partners, mainly online platforms, to expand our content to more channels including YouTube, Facebook, and LINE TV. This is to expand the viewership base of Channel 8 and reach new audience groups. This will help us capture online opportunities and it is a win-win partnership for all parties. Today, Channel 8’s content continues to grow and evolve, resulting in higher ratings. Recently, Channel 8 celebrated 10 million subscribers and has become the #4 TV channel. We have more than 40 million fans accessing our Facebook page in each month, and more than 47 million viewers on YouTube. Currently, Channel 8’s content reaches 55 million people or 86% of viewers nationwide. Online viewers are increasing continuously. They also view our content on multiple screens and ad platforms such as on the BTS and LED ad screens.”

Surachai summarized, “Our new strategies and business plans will equip our organization to utilize our people and put the right man in the right job. We will be able to adjust to changing situations and win this game by using our strengths to grow steadily in order to reach our goal, which is to reach a New S Curve and a new high.”