RS Group’s Channel 8 kicks off the strategy “Channel 8: Have a blast on all screens”

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RS Group’s Channel 8 kicks off the strategy “Channel 8: Have a blast on all screens”

Joining forces with TrueID to offer quality, diverse contents and grow its fan base

To kick off the beginning of the year, Channel 8 continues expanding its viewer base under the strategy “Channel 8: Have a Blast on All Screens” (ช่อง 8 สุดทุกจอ). Growing the viewer base across all the platforms – on air, online and on ground, it strives to fit audience’s various lifestyles. Recently, Channel 8 has joined hands with TrueID, a leading entertainment platform service provider, to offer seven brand-new series to suit diverse tastes. To start the year, the channel presents the fantasy blockbuster “Tanaosri” which will be available for streaming first on TrueID, determining to diversify view channels and widely expand the fan base of Channel 8 series. In 2023, it aims to hit over 56 million views on the TrueID platform.

Ms. Nongluk Ngamroj, Head of Channel 8, revealed: “In 2023, Channel 8 will continue expanding our viewer base on all platforms, including on air, online and on ground, with the strategy ‘Channel 8: Have a Blast on All Screens.’ Over the previous year, Channel 8’s online platforms generated a total of 45 million viewers, increasing by 31%. At the same time, the TV channel could reach 2.17 million audience or increased by 13%.

With our determination to create quality dramas and series for viewers across the country and to further progress, we have joined hands with TrueID, the leading entertainment platform provider. This marks our first collaboration and endless opportunities. It’s an honor to be trusted by TrueID that features all Channel 8’s dramas. In 2023, Channel 8’s dramas comes with the concept “See and enjoy before anyone else” (ดูก่อนใคร สนุกก่อนใคร). The dramas cater to a range of tastes, including comedy, musical, fantasy, action and drama, which bring together stars of the entertainment industry, youtubers and influencers. To begin the year, the channel presents the fantasy blockbuster “Tanaosri,” inviting viewers across the country to enjoy the adventure together. The drama will begin airing on Channel 8 at 5.45 pm, while becomes available for streaming on TrueID at 7 pm.”

Mr. Komin Aoudomphan, Assistant Director, Content Partnership and Acquisition Management, True Digital Group, said: “TrueID is a leading entertainment platform filled with world-class contents specially offered to Thais under the concept ‘The Next World-class Smart Entertainment.’ It covers both Thai dubbed and subbed movies, music, series, sports and news. Recently, the platform has brought the unrivaled uniqueness to share happiness among Thai drama lovers by collaborating with Channel 8, Thailand’s top channel of all kinds of fun for the fans to have good time with the channel’s popular dramas on TrueID. The collaboration will boost our strengths in Thai entertainment by offering a variety of enjoyment on different platform channels, including our website, application and TrueID TV box. This will strengthen our position as the leader in digital contents that continues exploring new quality programs to give customers a good experience.

“This year, Channel 8 will present seven new dramas on TrueID, expecting to generate 56 million views on the platform. This will help expand the viewer base, develop our competitive capabilities and further reinforce our leadership in contents.”

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