RS accelerates business with Entertainmerce strategy

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Pushing revenue to spike to 5.25 billion baht in 2020

RS creates yet another phenomenon by announcing four strategies, combining entertainment with commerce to drive its business with data while seeking new partners to expand its ecosystem and merging businesses. The aim is to achieve 5.25 billion baht revenue in 2020. 

Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Public Company Limited, said, “Over the years, RS has succeeded in transforming our business from entertainment to ecommerce. In these four years, we have witnessed significant growth and development, and along the way we have learned and understood the business environment as well as consumer behavior. We have identified new opportunities for the future, and this is why we have adjusted our structure and teams. We have formed new visions and strategies to get ready for yet another growth spurt for RS in our 37-year history since our establishment. Today, RS is ready to welcome the challenges in 2020, and we are proud to present ‘RS Entertainmerce Decoded’ to enter a new era and create a New S Curve under four key strategies: Entertainmerce, Data-Driven Company, Strategic Partnership and M&A. The aim is to achieve 5.25 billion baht revenue in 2020, with commerce contributing to 60%”

The four key strategies are: 1. Entertainmerce: This is an important strategy continued from RS’s outstanding business model which connects all its strengths to drive the growth of its commerce from 2020 onward.  2. Data Driven Company: Data from entertainment customers, from its TV and radio audience to more than 100 million followers in its social media accounts is linked to RS’s commerce business, creating immense big data. The company identifies that this is a factor that can generate growth and future opportunities in offering new products and services to customers as well as other business areas. The company has invested in modern technologies and experienced teams to drive them.  3. Strategic Partnership: Business is all about combining one’s strength with other partners to create synergy, which will lead to more knowledge, development and resource sharing. Joining forces with partners is one of the company’s key strategies to generate growth and sustainability in 2020. 4. M&A: In addition to growing sustainably in all businesses, merger and acquisition is also another important strategy to expand the company’s ecosystem rapidly in order to generate business value, competitiveness and long-term sustainability. 

Surachai said, “The Company will grow significantly due to these strategies, with ecommerce generating the highest portion of revenue at 60% or 3,200 million baht in 2020, thanks to Entertainmerce, Data-Driven Company, Strategic Partnership and M&A strategies as mentioned. Meanwhile, RS Mall will also continue to grow. We expect that in the future, our commerce business will contribute to 80% of our revenue, with gross profits and net profits at 50% and 15% respectively.”