‘RS Group’ teams up with ‘4th Apple’ to find Super Influencers in ‘The Rising Influencer’ project

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‘RS Group’ teams up with ‘4th Apple’ to find Super Influencers

in ‘The Rising Influencer’ project

to give everyone a chance to become a social media influencer

A phenomenon emerges in the influencer world when RS Group teams up with 4th Apple Co., Ltd., the latest subsidiary with expertise in content production and digital marketing to launch ‘The Rising Influencer’ project. This project aims to discover unique, outstanding talents who are confident to produce content and become influential in the social media world. The Super Influencers will be presented on social media channels of RS Group, including RSfriends, Kamikaze, RSiam, and Channel 8, with a total of more than 62 million follower accounts. The winners will work with a professional production team, top brands, and celebrities, both local and international, and shares of income and several benefits.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Group, stated that the current online media market trend is growing rapidly. Annual spending in advertising is worth more than 106,255 million baht, with online media accounting for 21,058 million baht. Of all online media spending, more than 40% is spent on hiring influencers. In the meantime, RS has more than 40 years of experience in the entertainment and media industry, with a total fan base of over 62 million user accounts. The corporation serves a wide variety of content, including boxing, news, and music programs favored among followers in the city and upcountry areas. Particularly in the upcountry, we have a huge fan base that follows news and entertainment programs. However, the current consumer behavior is continually shifting toward online media. So, the company assigns 4th Apple, which specializes in content creation and digital marketing, as the main linchpin for creating and planning content development and recruiting and managing influencers for RS Group. We emphasize creating new content to communicate to a more diverse audience, such as the new generation, foreign idol fans, dance lover groups, cooking lovers, and animal lovers. This is another effort to complete the company’s ecosystem under the Entertainmerce business model.”

Mr. Tanon, Tanakornprapha, Head of 4th Apple, said “4th Apple, is an expert in content production and digital marketing to access diverse lifestyles, including 4th Apple’s popular program Food Truck Battle and media convergence for leading brands. We see a growing trend of using online influencers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where content in various forms and influencers are used to drive marketing to reach more specific target groups. This is a great opportunity for 4th Apple to harness the potential of RS Group’s online media, especially YouTube, which has a total subscriber base of more than 48 million users to create new business opportunities, so we came up with “The Rising Influencer” project. 4th Apple will advise and assist the contestants in expressing their full potential. The goal is to build them into Super Influencers as business partners to create new content together on social media channels in RS Group. In addition to income sharing, 4th Apple also has a professional production team to support them throughout the collaboration. The winners also have opportunities to work with leading local and international brands and artists. More importantly, more than 62 million followers base of RS Group will help support the winners to become famous Super Influencers faster.”

“This project will serve as a springboard for RS Group’s efforts to expand its audience and customer base, as well as to strengthen its Entertainmerce business model. 4th Apple aims for the revenue from YouTube channel at 200 million baht by 2022”, added Mr. Tanon.

We would like to invite talented and confident individuals with unique personalities, who are free from any obligation or contract about influencer work, regardless of sex and age*, to join our project. If you are ready to create a phenomenon for the influencers industry together, you can fill out an application attached with a photo and two video clips not longer than 60 seconds. The first clip should include a general introduction about yourself and your abilities. The second clip presents stories as assigned. More details and conditions are available at Applications can be filed at Application is open from 16-30 October 2021. Only 40 qualified contestants will pass to the camera test and meet famous influencers like Bie The Ska and Four (Sakonrut), who will sit on the podium as a referee and select those who will step into the Super Influencers of RS Group.

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*Contestants under 20 years of age must present a consent letter from parents and fill in parents’ information upon application.