RS Group joins hands with Bangchak Corp to grow its pet retail business

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RS Group joins hands with Bangchak Corp

to grow its pet retail business expanding

“PET ALL MY LOVE” to 50 locations nationwide in 3 years

RS Public Company Limited or RS Group scales up its pet retail business by establishing strategic partnership with Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited. The collaboration is aimed at elevating quality of life for consumers and their pets in local spots through expanding the pet retail store ‘PET ALL MY LOVE.’ Under the concept love-centric experience, the pet retail business strives to cater to today’s trends and lifestyles of the new generation, who become pet parents and care for their pets as if they were their own children. Located in prime locations of Bangchak Unique Design Stations, the retailer’s 50 branches will be open across the country by three years, with the first 20 openings in the first year.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer, RS Public Company Limited, said: “PET ALL MY LOVE is a pet shop created from love and care for pets, leading to product and service delivery filled with love. It offers 100% authentic, high-quality products from all over the world, carefully chosen by professional staff and veterinarians, who truly love and understand pets. At the same time, the shop makes every available space within the store friendly and safe for both customers and their pets. As of now, PET ALL MY LOVE has opened two branches, including 81 Badminton Charoenrat and The Grove Hathairaj. However, we aim to grow our branches countrywide. Therefore, we thoroughly studied the needs and behavior of consumers and found that people’s lifestyles had changed significantly. They highly value convenience in their neighborhood, which supports the exponential growth of community spaces, especially in patrol stations which diversify their services to meet the growing demands of the communities. It resulted in the development of community hubs with full facilities and business possibilities, particularly from outstanding locations. This led us to the decision to jointly invest with Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited to expand the pet retail business under the brand ‘PET ALL MY LOVE’ in Bangchak Unique Design Stations. The stores will be located all over the country to fulfill the demands of the new generation who treat their pets like their own family members and are looking for pet shops close to their residences that offer high-quality products and complete service. The concept is in line with our holistic pet retail business, which focuses on caring and elevating pets’ quality of life to enhance happiness for both pets and their owners. Meanwhile, it also aligns well with Bangchak Corp’s commitment to caring for communities and society. Under the concept love-centric experience, PET ALL MY LOVE will be a center of pet products and services, as well as a pet wellness center and a drug store for pets with veterinarians available for consultation. All of these is to provide convenience close to pet lovers’ homes. Additionally, the partnership aims to open a total of 50 branches within three years with 100 million baht investment for the first year.”

Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach, Group Chief Executive Officer and President, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, disclosed: “As of now, Bangchak Corp has over 2,200 service stations nationwide and expects to expand the network to more than 2,500 stations by 2030. We aim to supply high-quality products, such as Bangchak Hi Premium 97 and Bangchak Hi Premium Diesel S, the premium Gasohol and Diesel with the highest octane and cetane ratings in the market. Moreover, we strive to develop our retail experience business in response to consumers’ diverse needs, while boosting our competence and maximizing the benefits from the gas station space. Recently, we have joined hands with RS Group to enter the pet retail industry and expand more branches of ‘PET ALL MY LOVE’ to create new experiences for pet lovers, who will be able to select and purchase quality pet products and services for their pets, while also using other services at Bangchak service stations. Besides, Bangchak Corp strives to equip Unique Design Service Stations with distinctive uniqueness. In addition to delivering high-quality gas, we aim to offer a wide range of products and services through convenience stores, Inthanin coffee shops, well-known restaurants, car care service shops and EV chargers in the station’s large area which is convenient and easy to access in order to deliver unique experience to our customers. The pet retail business has an incredible potential to dramatically continue growing due to a larger number of pet owners. Furthermore, pet owners are high-value customers who carefully select items and services for both themselves and their pets. This is in line with Bangchak Corp’s goal that focuses on selecting and offering the best products and services for customers.”

“Both RS Group and Bangchak Corporation share the same goal to support communities and society. As for RS Group, we strive to be ‘Life Enriching’ for consumers and pets, which is the key driver behind the company’s brands. We are not only determined to fulfill happiness and demands of consumers with our products and services, but also aim to ‘elevate all dimensions of consumers’ living.’ Joining hands with Bangchak Corporation under strategic partnership is considered as a major step in dramatically expanding the RS Group’s pet business. We are confident that working closely with Bangchak Corporation will lead us both to promising opportunities and strong business growth,” Mr. Surachai added.

PET ALL MY LOVE stores in Bangchak Unique Design Service Stations are divided into four formats according to area size. Located in 80 and 150 square meters, pet shops will be available with pet supplies and HATO Pet Pharmacies, which offers medicines and supplements, as well as veterinarian consultations. 180 square meters will be turned into pet shops, HATO Pet Pharmacies and HATO Pet Wellness Centers with spa, bathing and grooming services for pets. For the areas with more than 180 square meters will be animal hospitals combining with pet shops. The first branch will be open by the end of July 2024. It is expected that 20 branches will be launched within a year.”

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