RS Group boosts phenomenal growth by introducing 2 new brands, prepared to launch 8 cannabis– hemp products

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RS Group boosts phenomenal growth by introducing 2 new brands: well u – CAMU C

marching into mass market, prepared to launch 8 cannabis – hemp products with additional income of over 2,000 MB

The phenomenal growth of the commerce business of RS Group in the past 3-4 years is proof of success in transforming from a media and entertainment business to a commerce business with an outstanding and robust Entertainmerce business model as a key driver. One of the sustainable growth factors of the commerce business is the products that serve customers’ needs, particularly when new product lines are launched to the market through all available channels. Most recently, RS Group decided to enter the mass market with such a huge market value by introducing two new brands: ‘well u’ and ‘CAMU C’, with two pioneering products: well u Collagen DiPeptide & TriPeptide and CAMU CAMU juice with 200% vitamin C and high vitamin B12 (CAMU C). Besides, the Company is planning to launch 8 SKUs of cannabis-based and hemp-based products that will propel the turbo-growth of the commerce business in 2021.

In the ‘RS Group Open Day 2021’, Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer of RS Group, said that “the strategy to drive the rapid growth of the Company under the Entertainmerce model this year is to launch new products of Lifestar, a subsidiary of RS Group. These new products will serve the healthy lifestyle in every dimension and will be introduced into the market through all available channels, not just on RS Mall. This is a full-scale debut to the mass market to meet the needs of healthy and new normal lifestyles.

1.‘well u’ is an innovative health and beauty brand that deliberately selects valuable natural extracts and enhances them with innovation and high technologies from overseas. The products are sold through the Exclusive Distribution Network (EDN). The first product to be introduced into the market is ‘well u Collagen DiPeptide & TriPeptide’. This is the first time that the firm marches into the market of premium collagen dietary supplements.

2.Functional drink is a segment with such a high potential to grow. In 2020 alone, the market value was almost 10,000 million baht, with the growth rate up to 10% last year. The Group will emphasize the selling point of its nutritional properties, which is consistent with the market trend and interest of today’s customers. Under the CAMU C brand, the Group is launching CAMU CAMU juice with 200% vitamin C and high vitamin B12.

3.With the rising trend of cannabis and hemp worldwide and the unlock of cannabis-hemp as drugs in Thailand, several businesses have shifted their attention toward this hot trend. RS Group has been researching and preparing to do business about cannabis and hemp. It will be a golden opportunity to plan about launching cannabis-based and hemp-based products in the food supplement and beverage products.”

Dr. Chakrit Pichyangkul, Head of Life Star Company under RS Group, added that, “as a world-class health and beauty innovator, Lifestar is prepared to present two new products to the mass market.


well u Collagen: premium collage product with higher effectiveness and innovation due to six essential ingredients: 1) collagen dipeptide, 2) collagen tripeptide, 3) vitamin C, 4) rice extract, 5) white jelly mushroom extract, and 6) biotins, which is beneficial for hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints, resulting in good health from the inside. Three top celebrities were contracted to be the product presenters, including Janie Alphach Na Pomphet, Natapohn Tameeruks (Taew), and Napapa Tantrakul (Patt). The healthy celebrities represent the dream team of our products’ nutritional benefits to customers’ health, communicating to all target groups via all channels, including out-of-home media, on-air media, and online media. The products are sold through three main channels: the Exclusive Distribution Network (EDN), the exclusive modern trade at Watsons, and the online channel. The concept of this launch is “the one and only collagen product that we choose for You…every day.”


CAMU C, a juice beverage with CAMU CAMU, vitamin C 200%, and high vitamin B12. CAMU CAMU is the king of vitamin C with a concentration of 2,400 – 3,000 mg/ 100 grams of fresh fruit, higher than vitamin C in oranges up to 50 times and lime 100 times. Vitamin C ensures normal body functions and enhances the immunity system. Vitamin B12 boosts the nervous system and the brain. RS Group committed 300 million baht for marketing campaign and contacting Kim Soo-hyun, a Korean superstar, to be a presenter who will communicate to the target groups through all channels. The products will be available for purchase through three channels: convenient stores, modern trade, and traditional trade. The concept of this campaign is “Have you taken care of yourself?”

Mrs. Pornpan Techarungchaikul, Chief Commercial Officer at RS Group, commented on the accelerating trend of cannabis and hemp products. “In this matter, RS Group has been prepared by working closely with top laboratories in researching and devising the formula to develop innovative products. The Group has also discussed with partners who are commercial hemp farmers, Hemp and CBD oil extracdition labs, and manufacturers.

She confirmed that “RS Group and partners have long prepared and are ready to produce and market the product with the following timeline.

– S.O.M. brand will launch four new SKUs in food supplements and beverages through RS Mall.

– well u will introduce two new SKUs in food supplements and beverages through the Exclusive Distribution Network (EDN), convenient stores, modern trade, retail stores, drugstores, and RS Mall.

– CAMU C will launch two new SKUs in beverage products through convenience stores, modern trade, and retail stores nationwide.”

“RS Group is ready and has negotiated with partners from all relevant sectors, including farmers, Hemp and CBD oil extracdition labs, and manufacturers. We have set specific products for specific target groups, together with marketing plans. The next step is to wait for the permission of the Thai Food and Drug Administration. We expect to market these products under the S.O.M. brand in mid-2021. After that, we are going to introduce other brands of cannabis and hemp products with at least 8 SKUs throughout the year and expect to generate over 2,000 million baht a year from these products,” Mr. Surachai added at the end.