Lifestar Leads The Pack With Thailand’s First Hemp- & CBD-Infused Beverages: CAMU C Plus With Hemp & CBD Functional Shot

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Lifestar Leads The Pack With Thailand’s First Hemp- & CBD-Infused Beverages: CAMU C Plus With Hemp & CBD Functional Shot For Premium Mass Market in Thailand and Abroad.

Lifestar Company Limited, a subsidiary of RS Group, moved forth in launching more products from hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) extracts. After the government legalized cannabis and promoted cannabis as the new cash crop of the country, Lifestar’s first supplementary product, “Multi Oil Plus Hemp Seed Oil,” under “Well U” brand was born. With great feedback from consumers, CAMU C took its ‘Innovative Health & Wellness Drink’ concept further with its latest additions, “CAMU C Plus with Hemp,” the first Vitamin C beverage with white grape juice, hemp extract, gaba, camu camu extract, and 200% Vitamin C, and “CAMU C CBD Shot,” the market’s first CBD extract-infused functional shots. These drinks serve different benefits to varied needs of the health-loving premium mass segment. Coupling with the launch, the marketing campaign will allow Popsters to collect Popcoins from every sip of CAMU C. The company anticipated that these hemp-infused beverages will help Lifestar grow at least 2.5 folds, contributing to 500 million-baht sales in hemp products of the RS Group’s commerce business this year.

Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer, RS Public Company Limited, said, “This latest launch of Lifestar is one of our key strategies in positioning RS Group’s commerce business as the Lifestyle Wellbeing Solution to establish a strong ecosystem under the Entertainmerce model. Today, beverages with hemp and CBD extracts have been gaining its popularity worldwide, especially in the United States and Europe – one of the new trends that emerged from COVID-19 pandemic to help alleviate stress, worries, and insomnia. RS Group, as the leader in manufacturing and distributing products with hemp and CBD extracts, has meticulously sourced ingredients and innovation for extraction and production process to produce high quality CBD extracts for functional drinks that help lessen stress and worries. We are now ready to deliver our latest functional drinks: the first Vitamin C drink with hemp extract and functional shot with CBD extract in April to cater to consumers who seek healthy drinks with natural extracts that taste good, contain low sugar, and contain health benefits. CAMU C Plus with Hemp and CAMU C CBD Shot will help Lifestare grow by 2.5 folds this year. We also believe that hemp products will contribute 500 million baht in sales towards RS Group’s commerce business in 2022.”

Pornpan Techarungchaikul, Chief Executive Officer of Lifestar Company Limited, revealed, “After Lifestar launched ‘Multi Oil Plus Hemp Seed Oil’ product under Well U brand laster year, we received great feedback from our consumers. Right now, CAMU brand positions itself as innovative functional drinks that serve superior benefits with natural ingredients. To extend our portfolio to boost your health confidence, we would like to launch beverages that contain hemp and CBD extracts, as follows:

  • CAMU C PLUS with Hemp – white grape juice with hemp extract, gaba, camu camu extract, and 200% Vitamin C.
  • CAMU C CBD Shot, Honey Lemon flavor – Honey lemon-scented drink with CBD extract, Vitamin B Complex (B1, B6, and B12), and L-Theanine
  • CAMU C CBD Shot, Chamomile flavor – Chamomile-scented drink with CBD extract, chamomile, lemon balm, and tryptophan.

CAMU C Plus with Hemp will be available in April, while the two CAMU C CBD shots will be available in May at 7-eleven, online stores, and leading stores nationwide. The product launch campaign will consist of special promotion and marketing activities, both online and offline, to reach target customers. Additionally, for every sip of CAMU C, Popsters can also collect Popcoin via QR scan.

As part of the Lifestar’s strategy to bring high-quality hemp-infused beverages to as many consumers possible, Lifestar planned to export their products with hemp and CBD extracts to CLMV markets to help promote Thailand’s latest cash crop and to strengthen one of the core products of the company.

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