RS Group by Lifestar partners with allies applying for hemp manufacturer

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RS Group by Lifestar partners with allies applying for hemp manufacturer

RS Mall has the foresight to multiply sales, preparing all-in pro-active plans

When the Ministry of Public Health lifts a ban on hemp and allows its commercial use, Lifestar Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of RS Group and a global leader in innovative and cosmetic products, and RS Mall as the all-inclusive platform that sells health and well-being products and services declares their preparedness to establish partnerships with allies to manage the upstream – downstream production and distribution skin care, beverages, and supplementary food products with hemp as an ingredient. The distribution of the products via all available platforms will push the sales toward the company’s target.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer of RS Group, revealed that “Lifestar as a subsidiary of RS Group is interested in hemp and has been doing research about it, especially the hemp processing and usage to add the value to health products. For example, the buds can be made into medicine and hemp extract. The leaves can be made into food, herbal products, and cosmetics. Oil from hemp seeds can be used as an ingredient in supplementary food, herbal products, and cosmetics. The essence of hemp can be used in beverages, cosmetics, and herbal products. So far, we have been preparing and collaborating with top laboratorys to originate the formula to develop innovative products of skincare, drinks, and supplementary food. Also, we have discussed with allies who grow hemp for commercial purposes, hemp distilleries, and manufacturers. Rest assured that RS and our allies have long been planning, and we are ready for the production and distribution immediately.”

In the meantime, RS Mall, the platform that sells health and well-being products and service for everyone, is preparing to march into the market and boost sales with the following strategies:

1. RS Mall is known for its expertise in making unique stories. Hemp has complicated details and properties. It can be presented in different ways, such as live demonstration of its usage or having experts to share opinions and insights.

2. Hemp products can be sold via on-air channels such as Channel 8 and top digital TV allies, and online channels like and Line @rsmall.

3. RS Mall has a team of more than 500 tele-salespersons who have good knowledge of health products. These professional salespersons are available to present the products and provide assistance to customers around the clock. We also introduce the Data and Voice Analytics technique to analyze customers’ needs.

“Currently, RS Mall has a customer base of more than 1.6 million people. We are selling a wide variety of health products. We have received inquiries and attention from customers regarding hemp via our communication channels. These inquiries are collected and analyzed in order to design the products that satisfy customers’ needs in promoting good health. What we are waiting for right now is the details from the government regarding the legal and safe production and distribution. If hemp sales are unlocked, we are confident that hemp products will gain attraction from a number of customers”, Mr. Surachai added at the end.