RS Group advances its Star Commerce strategy

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RS Group advances its Star Commerce strategy

Developing artists and actors into brand owners and boosting sales with affiliate marketing

Led by its top artist “Bitoey Rsiam”

RS Public Company Limited or RS Group, the leader in commerce and multimedia & entertainment under the Entertainmerce business model, unlocks the potential of its businesses by seeking new business opportunities and gathering over 120 artists with more than 20 million followers to enter the commerce businesses under the Star Commerce strategy. To officially kick off the strategy, the top artist ‘Bitoey Rsiam’ will offer various products under the categories Mother and Kids, as well as Beauty and Food Supplements, under RS Group’s and partnered brands, reaching customers through social media and e-commerce platforms. Moreover, RS LiveWell also collaborates with artists and actors to develop products and own brands, matching their followers’ interest. Moving forward, the strategy will differentiate RS Group’s commerce businesses, while targeting the artists’ followers, by providing suitable products for them and attracting consumers on social media with entertainment experiences. Eventually, the strategy will enhance the commerce business group’s revenue with distinctive characters of consumers’ favorite artists and actors, together with a range of quality products.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer, RS Public Company Limited, revealed: “Nowadays, creators and influencers are increasingly prominent in the digital world. Meanwhile, everyone can become one. However, it is still challenging to further build on success or generate revenue from their own channels. Therefore, we see interesting opportunities from leveraging Star Commerce to support artists and actors under the Group, as well as content creators who are interested in developing their own brands or establishing alternative sources of income with an extensive portfolio of more than 500 SKUs of products from RS LiveWell, RS pet all and our partnered brands, covering diverse lifestyles. Also, live commerce will enable the creators to produce contents based on their preferences, generating income and expanding business opportunities. This is in line with RS Mall X’s business direction, which focuses on the MCN model and affiliate marketing with its partnered network, namely TikTok, Shopee, Lazada, Facebook and Instagram under the concept ‘RS Mall X Extreme Convenience’ to offer unrivaled convenience for the artists and actors, as well as content creators. We will help them develop products which resonate their followers’ interest, while providing them with convenience from our back-end distribution system, which allows them to sell products without maintaining a stock. Additionally, consumers will enjoy quality products with reasonable price. Empowered by the strategy, the potential of artists and actors together with the commerce businesses of RS Group will be unleashed generating revenue from extensive sources.”

The artists, actors and content creators who work with RS Group will be divided into two groups:

  1. Those who join the affiliate marketing program will sell diverse products with over 500 SKUs from RS LiveWell’s brands, such as well u, vitanature+, beyonde, aviance, ifresh, Happie Homie, De Beste, DARING & CO and Erb, Thailand’s leading fragrance and skincare brand, as well as its partnered brands. With live commerce, the sales can reach a large customer base across all segments, age groups and lifestyles.
  2. Those who own their own brands will get to create and promote their own products that meet the needs of their fans.

“Besides, the Star Commerce strategy is part of the Value Unlock strategy, which will move forward RS Group to be ‘Life Enriching,’ the Group’s key to accelerate our business growth. We do not only fulfill consumers’ happiness and demands with products and service, but also strive to improve every aspect of the lives of customers, as well as actors and artists under the Group. The first one to take the lead is ‘Bitoey Rsiam’ from RS Music with approximately 6.5 million following accounts on her social media. With her outstanding potential, confidence, talents and massive fan base, she will offer RS LiveWell’s products, prioritizing the categories of Mother & Kids, Beauty and Food Supplements. Beyond that, the Group has a number of artists and actors who will join our Star Commerce, which will make a difference and raise revenue for RS Group’s commerce businesses this year, as targeted,” Mr. Surachai concluded.

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