RS Group announces key strategies for 2022, aiming for THB 5.1 billion revenue

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RS Group announces key strategies for 2022, aiming for THB 5.1 billion revenue, uplifting Entertainmerce with blockchain, and strengthening the business with Popcoin

RS Public Company Limited, “RS Group”, announced its ambition and direction for “Popcoin” as an infrastructure to upgrade its Entertainmerce model, creating seamless customer experience and seamless big data through 4 key strategies, with the aim to achieve its goal of THB 5.1 Billion revenue this year.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer of RS Public Company Limited, commented, “The pandemic has led to sudden changes in many aspects, including the rapid adoption of blockchain technology worldwide. RS Group sees this trend as an opportunity and is trying to find new solutions for its Entertainmerce model to be more comprehensive and seamless. This is where Popcoin comes in as a smart marketing platform that will expand the ecosystem of RS Group, allowing the business to grow efficiently and opening new doors to its affiliates. Popcoin was soft-launched in late 2021 and was officially launched on 11 January 2022. Although RS Group will remain committed to product and service development, the company will shift its focus to digital products, content, and services through Popcoin. This will allow the company to become a blockchain-powered enterprise, with baby boomers, Gen X, and early Gen Y customers still being its main customers. RS Group will use Popcoin to reach out to these customers, providing more benefits and bringing them closer. As for new customers like late Gen Y, Gen Z, and Alpha, who embrace and are attracted by technologies, we will use Popcoin as a part of making them more familiar with RS Group, and introducing a more enjoyable experience from becoming a Popster in our Popcoin Community.”

RS Group has 4 key strategies that guide the company’s long-term growth, including:

  1. Creating a digital economy for the strong Entertainmerce business model, which can be achieved by
  • Creating a comprehensive digital platform, both in terms of E-Commerce and online content.
  • Promoting digital content and utilizing the assets of RS Group for maximum benefit.
  • Transforming existing physical assets into digital assets to generate new income.
  • Using Popcoin as an essential tool for converting RS assets into digital tokens (asset tokenization)
  1. Being a data hub and analyzing data to maximize benefits by
  • Using data for making business decisions and providing a clear business direction regarding the vision and mission of the organization.
  • Integrating and sharing data between businesses to earn additional income from new business opportunities.
  1. Strengthening the company’s products to capture mass-market customers by
  • Promoting affiliated brands to expand our customer base.
  • Developing products using new innovations to become unique and the first player in the market.
  1. Adding value to the company through synergy and collaboration with new partners in various fields by
  • Entering new markets through potential partnership, M&A, and JV
  • Utilizing affiliated businesses to maximize the benefits, leading to a strong ecosystem from upstream to downstream.
  • Collecting a return on investment from IPOs that RS Group has invested in

Mr. Wittawat Wetchabutsakorn, Chief Financial Officer said, “In 2022, the key for RS Group to achieve its goals is to operate the business according to the LEAP strategy, where L is Lifestyle Wellbeing Solution, E is Entertainment Uplift, A is Asset Monetization and P is Popcoin. These 4 key strategies will support the business operation of RS Group and allow us to achieve strong and stable growth.”

LEAP Strategy and its application for each business

L or Lifestyle Wellbeing Solution

RS Mall, a multi-platform for holistic health care products and a wide range of services, is a “Your Wellbeing Partner” that provides products and services for the well-being of every customer. This year, RS Mall will focus on 4 important areas including:

  1. Becoming “Your Wellbeing Partner” by providing a variety of products and services that answer the needs of today’s consumers. Products and services are divided into 4 groups including the body group (60%) which consists of health and beauty supplements; the mind group (5%) which consists of life insurance products such as Thai Life Insurance, Insurance for the Elderly, SCB Protect, Cancer Plus, and charms; home and pet products (20%); and social and travel products (15%). All products sold on RS Mall are provided by Lifestar, which consists of RS Group (50%) and its partners (50%).
  2. Using Popcoin to establish a new customer base and strengthen the ecosystem of RS Mall. Popcoin will be used as a tool to generate GWP (Gift with Purchase) and increase sales from various promotions for RS Mall PLUS members.
  3. Expanding and strengthening the e-commerce channels
  4. Establishing a loyalty program under the name ‘RS Mall PLUS’ with members receiving many benefits. The program currently has over 800,000 members and is expected to grow to 2 million by the end of 2022.

Lifestar Company Limited

This year, Life Star has re-branded itself to become an Innovative Wellness Product Company, introducing new innovations in the field of preventive care and offering sustainable health and well-being through 4 main brands including:

  1. “well u” – a brand that combines product research and scientific innovation with the power of nature to bring out the best for the health of customers.
  2. Vitanature+ – a brand that believes in the way of nature and innovation; combines herbal extracts with knowledge and wisdom from around the world to develop health products for everyone in the family.
  3. CAMU C – an “Innovative Health & Wellness Drink” with CAMU CAMU extract.
  4. Lifemate – provides products for pets under the concept of “Holistic Wellness For Your Life Partner” for the best physical and mental health of your dogs and cats.

The highlights of this year are hemp extracts and CBD which will be introduced in various brands. In addition to selling products through RS Mall, the company also expands its distribution channels based on the type of its products, such as convenience stores, modern trades, retail stores, specialty stores, drugstores, and pet shops, as well as e-commerce channels. Popcoin will also be used as a tool to drive sales and create engagement to bring the brands closer to the customers.

E or Entertainment Uplift

Channel 8

  • Be ready to go online channels and create a new fan base; enhance audience experience by creating a social page of dramas on Channel 8 on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Develop a new website and application. Provide interesting features for members, such as CH8 FanZone, CH8 Exclusive Content, etc.
  • Provide online content and reach out to the new generation (18-24) “Gen8”, such as youth content starring new generation actors.
  • Provide fresh original content and create a new audience base (18-30 yrs) using series based on past successful movies including “Jenny”, and the show from 4th Apple, Vibe Global Audition Reality TV, and Food Truck Battle Season
  • News programs, dramas, and a boxing program that will add more dynamic to the experience of the audience.

In addition, the audience will be able to enjoy an exclusive experience from using Popcoin through the membership system, including exclusive content available for Popster. Sponsors can spend Popcoin to participate in various activities from Channel 8, allowing certain brands to reach out to certain groups of customers.


Led by COOLfahrenheit, the number one modern Thai music station both on-air and online, COOLISM is ready to offer its music experience to the younger generation through smart speakers and smart devices, such as Siri, JOOX, Apple Music, Google Home, and Huawei Harmony OS. COOLISM will offer exciting events to keep its audience entertained such as COOL Outing and INK Eat All Around. COOLive, on the other hand, plans to hold 3 major concerts: Kamikaze Party 2022 in June, Dance Marathon 2022 in October, and its 21st Anniversary D2B Festival at the end of the year. Activities and privileges can be accessed through the CRM system created together with Popcoin this year, including “Money can’t buy”, a special privilege for Popsters to attend the concert using a special ticket and get to sit in the front rows. The package also includes taking photos with the artists and having a reserved parking lot. It also uses Popcoin to create engagement with COOLfahrenheit audience through games, provides additional benefits to sponsors, and promotes Popcoin to engage with customers of each brand.

RS Music

Provide new content to its online platform and generate more income for the business through partnerships for new single releases. Streaming will be made available through Apple MUSIC, JOOX, Spotify, and TRUE ID, as well as partners, such as AIS, DTAC, and TRUE. Additional income will be generated from new content on online channels including RSfriends, Kamikaze, and RSiam. Music copyright management will add a new source of income from online platforms such as TikTok and new partners.

4th Apple Company Limited

Based on the company’s expertise in K-Pop industry, this year, 4th Apple has brought Food Truck Battle Season 2, and Men in Light Documentary that showcases the stories of renowned artists. In addition to K-Pop content, 4th Apple will be producing content and co-organizing many world-class events in the near future.

A or Asset Monetization

RS Music

RS Music will be entering the NFT market that would grab attention from its fans, including more than 50 million audiences on its online channels. RS Music will also create a new online content format on YouTube and will be made with the artist Ble-Patumrach RSiam, along with shows including MISSION Hedsible, and Narak Sud Sud.

Chase Asia Co., Ltd., for which 35% of the company has been invested by RS Group, will continue to follow its business plan, both in terms of synergy to create new opportunities, and its preparation for an IPO as the filing will be been made to the SEC in the Q2 of 2022, and to be listed on the stock exchange in the Q4 of 2022.

P or Popcoin – Smart Marketing Platform Blockchain technology will provide a strong platform and can create new opportunities for RS Group and its partners.

Recently, Popcoin has registered more than 700,000 Popsters from the Popcoin Airdrop campaign. This year, Popsters will have access to exclusive experience, for example, BamBam-Kuntpimuk Bhuwakul, a world-renowned artist who has joined as the Platform Partner. Moreover, Popcoin is also a marketing tool for RS Group to promote sales, create new business opportunities, and build engagement with customers of each brand.

“In addition, RS Group is still looking for 1-2 partners for an M&A within this year, with the goal to strengthen its Entertainmerce business, to expand its sales channels and commercial platforms, increase its products and services, as well as streamline RS Group’s ecosystem, from upstream to downstream, with the highest efficiency. Moreover, the M&A will be a mechanism for controlling the costs of the company as well.”

“By implementing both long-term and short-term strategies, RS Group will strengthen its Entertainmerce business, creating a seamless customer experience and seamless big data, leading to a larger customer database. RS Group will be able to analyze and develop new products and services to meet the more diverse needs of consumers. This will lead to vertical and horizontal business growth and expansion, and Popcoin Smart Marketing Platform will be an important tool in creating these new business opportunities. RS Group is expected to generate revenue more than THB 5.1 Billion by 2022 for sure,” Mr. Wittawat added.

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