RS Group continues marching into the market, Creating new brand “Vitanature+”

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RS Group continues marching into the market,

Creating new brand “Vitanature+”

Thai herbs have been part of the Thai way of life and society for a long time with their useful medicinal properties. Aside from domestic popularity, but Thai herbs are also globally accepted., leading them into a wide variety of medicines. Nowadays, more people in the new generation have altered to herbs, reviving the popularity of products made from Thai herbs. Lifestar, as a subsidiary of RS Group and a global leader in health and beauty products, sees this trend as the opportunity to market dietary supplement products under the new brand “Vitanature+”. This is an attempt to develop the potential of traditional herbs with modern innovations by combining compatible natural extracts. The health benefits of the product will broaden the customer base to include all target groups.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, the chief executive officer of RS Public Company Limited, stated that “the Thai herb market in Thailand is growing exponentially, making herbs more attractive in the health business. It is a safe alternative with natural ingredients. Lifestar, as a subsidiary of RS Group, seeing this as a marketing opportunity, has conducted research and innovated a new product branded as “Vitanature+”. This innovative product is ideal for people who wish to consume herbal products in the digital era with time constraints. We targeted RS Mall customers who are 35 or older and tend to purchase high quality, credibility, and cost-effectiveness. As of now, five recipes (five SKUs) have been introduced into the market, and we are planning to launch three other SKUs within this year to serve new customers who care about their health. We have highly positive feedback from our customers.”

Dr. Chakrit Pichyangkul, Head of Life Star, shared his view that “dietary supplement from nature like herbs are mostly in the form of powder rather than extracts. Powdered products usually require a large quantity, making them difficult to consume. Besides, the herb recipes usually highlight one herb species instead of using a mixture of different yet compatible herbs. Lifestar sees this as a great opportunity to boast Thai herbal products using modern technology to produce herbal extracts. With high concentration, our products are less complicated but easier to take. Vitanature+ dietary supplements, apart from their worth and overall health benefits, are presented in a simple manner. We address the selling points directly, which will make it more interesting and credible among the consumers.”

Vitanature+ is different from other herbal products in three aspects as follows:

1.It is convenient to eat, only one capsule a day.

2.Each recipe contains up to three types of herbal extracts.

3.Each type of herbal extracts is guaranteed with academic research and certified with international GMP standards.

Currently, Vitanature+ is sold on RS Mall and other online platforms. In the future, the company is planning to expand the selling channels to retail stores and modify the package design and size for different target groups.

The five SKUs in the market include: 1) Vitanature+ Black Sesame Oil, 2) Vitanature+ Triphala, 3) Vitanature+ Garlic Extract, 4) Vitanature+ Curcumin, and 5) Vitanature+ Chamomile with Balm Extract. One bottle contains 30 capsules.

Those interested in the products may make a purchase online via:, Line: @rsmall and COOLanything or call: 0 2023 5555