RS Mall rebrands to RS Mall X, revolutionizing its business model

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RS Mall rebrands to RS Mall X, revolutionizing its business model

to expand its social commerce under MCN model

by building over 120 artists into content creators to cover all customer segments

RS Mall under RS Group had rebranded itself and was now known as ‘RS Mall X,’ with a new vision of delivering superior shopping experience under the multi-channel network (MCN) model. By forming a creators’ network of more than 120 artists with over 20 million followers, RS Mall X can reach every segment through various channels, from the currently strong direct commerce through its on-air channel, telesales, website, and application, to social commerce under the MCN model. More than 500 SKUs of products from RS Mall X’s extensive portfolio of its own brands and partnered brands are ready to be distributed through the channels of its partners, including TikTok, Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, and Instagram. Under the ‘RS Mall X Extreme Convenience’ concept, RS Mall X will deliver enhanced convenience for consumers, while expecting to generate more than 1,200 million baht, with 30% of which or 400 million baht, contributed by the MCN model, by the end of 2024.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer, RS Public Company Limited, said: “RS Mall has been a significant distribution platform for RS LiveWell’s products and was focused on direct commerce through its on-air channel, telesales, website, and application. Despite having strong direct commerce channel, we continue to seek new business opportunities, especially on the online world, as there are as many as 60 million internet users across the country. We, therefore, revolutionized the ways of distribution of RS Mall to RS Mall X to expand our growth potential and advance our business through social commerce under the MCN Model, where we encouraged 120 artists under RS Multimedia & Entertainment and RS Music, whose total followers’ accounts far exceeded 20 million, to become our content creators. Affiliate marketing was introduced for independent influencers. At the same time, we also diversified our products and services to cater to the customers’ needs. Today, we have more than 500 SKUs of products, with 60% being our own brands and 40% being our partnered brands, to reach extensive customer base of every segment, age group, and lifestyle. Additionally, we have also collaborated with strong platforms, such as TikTok, Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, and Instagram. We are confident that social commerce channels will succeed and generate tremendous revenues towards RS Mall X.”

Ms. Wilasinee Thumprakob, Head of RS Mall X, added: “In digital age, affiliate marketing has high potential and continues to grow, therefore we closely work with strategic partners who are leading platforms, namely TikTok, Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, and Instagram, to expand our customer base. Previously, RS Mall’s customers were 35 years old and above and mainly shopped through home shopping and telesales. After we rebranded ourselves to RS Mall X, we will expand our customer base to 18-65 years old through the channels online marketplaces and live commerce, by utilizing RS Group’s artists who have strong follower base and have been trained for social commerce model. Moreover, we plan to further diversify our product offering and continue to add products from our partners at the rate of new 60 SKUs per month, so that RS Mall X can effectively reach customers of different lifestyles. Meanwhile, for B2B partners, we will provide one-stop service from SKU management, marketing, and distribution through every channel of RS Mall X.”

The MCN Model of RS Mall X, under the ‘RS Mall X Extreme Convenience’ concept, will increase the end-to-end effectiveness of the creators’ network through key strengths, as follows:

  • Diverse product portfolio ranges from health and beauty products to consumer goods, fashion, electrical appliances, home décors, lifestyle items, and gadgets, that fit the lifestyles of our creators and their followers to enhance revenue generation opportunities
  • Effective fulfillment system covers back-end distribution system and content creation, allowing creators to sell products easily without maintaining a stock.
  • Support team at RS Mall X is ready to support creators in developing contents, providing advice and training, and working with the teams of related platforms. Livestreaming rooms are also available and fully equipped at RS Group’s headquarter.
  • Extensive brand partners enable greater access to products and promotions, which will further this opportunity into higher commission.

“The transformation of RS Mall into RS Mall X with the MCN model is a key strategic move in the fast-changing world of business today. The MCN model’s highlights lie in the access to wider target customers, reduction in advertisement fees as content creators help make the sales, and lastly the instant tracking of sales conversion. We expect that MCN model will generate 400 million baht by the end of 2024, or 30% of this year’s revenue of RS Mall X which totaled at 1,200 million baht,” concluded Mr. Surachai.