CAMU C x Kim Soo Hyun: Lifestar, a subsidiary of RS Group, brings on board the highest-paid Korean superstar as the presenter for the first time in Thailand

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“Hello! I’m Kim Soo Hyun. I’m glad and very pleased to be a presenter of CAMU C. I’m going to take care of you for a long time. Let’s drink CAMU C.”


Kim So-Hyun

The highest-paid Korean superstar “Kim Soo Hyun”


The launch of the latest “CAMU C” drink with 200% Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 and the highest-paid Korean superstar Kim Soo Hyun from “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” as the presenter shook the functional drink industry. The Thai fans of the Korean superstar are being hyped to see his advertisements in Thailand on television, online media and out of home media nationwide.

Lifestar, a subsidiary of RS Group, explains the reasons why it has to be Kim Soo Hyun. “Kim Soo Hyun has a friendly and sincere personality and serious commitment to work. His charming smile will make people fall in love with him easily. We know that Kim Soo Hyun is keen on staying in shape and good health. So, his personality fits the image of CAMU C that aims to promote a healthy, cheerful, and joyful look.”

Kim Soo Hyun revealed his impression to become the presenter of his first Thai product. “I’m happy and very pleased to be a presenter of CAMU C. I will be a presenter of CAMU C brand to take care of you for a long time. I have tried CAMU C drink, and it is delicious. I know that it contains healthy ingredients and nutritious too. With a mixture of sweet and sour, the drink is very refreshing. I would recommend drinking when it is cold. CAMU C as it has Vitamin C wich contributes to the normal function of the immune system and invigorates our body because its Vitamin C concentration is 50 times higher than an orange and 100 times higher than a lemon. I hope everyone stays healthy with CAMU C with high Vitamin C concentration. Let’s drink CAMU C.”

CAMU C itself is beneficial and as enjoyable as the presenter. With 200% vitamin C and high Vitamin B12, Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system  while Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal function of the brain and nervous system. It makes you feel fresh and energetic. The drink is also characterized by camu camu as an essential ingredient from the Amazon Forest, known to contain high vitamin C concentration. In addition, CAMU C drink also contains BerriQi®, a highly concentrated fruit juice mixed with boysenberry and apple. The concentrated formula has been patented in New Zealand and contains a high concentration of anthocyanin, good for the lungs and respiratory system. The juice of elderberries contains high flavonoid, which boosts the function of the immune system.

Furthermore, the Thai fans of Kim Soo Hyun will see him on television, online media, social media, billboards all over the country. When they go to stores, the fans will see his pictures at the stores. Thai fans can join special activities with CAMU C x Kim Soo Hyun, including collecting unique products and premium sets. For more information on CAMU C brand, please read more on and follow the Facebook Fan Page @CAMU C.”

If you want to look fresh and cheerful like Kim Soo Hyun, drink CAMU C every day. The drink is available at 7-Eleven and will be sold on other channels nationwide soon.

Key information

CAMU C – Vitamin C Drink

Thai FDA No. 11-1-05434-2-0248

Net volume: 150 ml.     Price: 17 Baht

Kim So-Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun : Presenter of CAMU C