Decoding RS Group’s Stride over Disruption Technology

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Decoding RS Group’s Stride over Disruption Technology by Assimilating to Changes Readily and Viewing Challenges as Normal

Although every industry, including commerce and media, is affected by economic recession and the COVID-19 epidemic, RS Group manages to thrive constantly. Its Q1 profit hit a record of 186 million baht or 184% from Q4 of 2019. This proves in a way that the unique Entertainmerce business model of the company is on the right path. More than ever, the company can control and manage the business from upstream to downstream, make the most of media and entertainment businesses, and turn millions of viewers and audiences into customers. The company is now analyzing data with innovative technology and hitting the right spot when it comes to satisfying customers’ needs using professional teams. Establishing appropriate partnerships is like finding the missing piece of the puzzle to secure competitiveness and new opportunities. These are the reasons why RS Group is restructuring its organization to match the business strategies and corporate vision. Our goal is to create happiness for people with new forms of entertainment, products, and services for different lifestyles, including young people, working people, or the elderly. This is also happening with our rebranding mission.

Let’s get to know the next step of RS Group

Many people seem to be thinking still that RS is operating businesses only in the media and entertainment industries. In fact, these are only some parts of the whole RS enterprise. In the past four years, RS has found success in transforming from being the entertainment player into commerce corporate with outstanding development and growth. At the very same time, the company is learning the context of the new business, customer’s behaviors, and emerging opportunities for the future. These are why we are restructuring the company’s organization, building new teams, and rebranding our image. Our vision and business strategies have been repositioned to get prepared for the ever-changing business, the new normal, and new technologies. Today, the revenue of the RS Group comes from the following sources:

            1) 60% comes from the commerce business selling products under the names ‘RS Mall’ and ‘COOLanything’ through the platforms and channels of RS and its allies. Some of the aired channels are Channel 8 and other digital TV, COOLfahrenheit radio channel, satellite TV, while other online platforms are, for instance, LINE OA, websites, applications, and modern trades for RS products under the management of Life Star Co., Ltd.

            2) 30% comes from the media business, including Channel 8 of digital TV and COOLfahrenheit radio channel which is the number one radio and online music channel of people in the city.

            3) 10% comes from the music industry, such as music production by RSiam and Kamikaze. The main incomes are from managing all the assets like listening through the digital system, managing artists in the production house, selling music copyrights, and organizing concerts and other entertainment events.

The unique and powerful business model

“Entertainmerce” is the combination between entertainment and commerce businesses. RS is undoubtedly an expert in creating content and turning viewers or audiences into customers. The goal is to promote the growth of the commerce business. This model successfully and robustly links the businesses within the same group, resulting in business advantage and opportunity for sustainable growth. In the commerce sector, we own the products, create innovation, make content, map out marketing strategies, and advertise the products on our own channels and those of our allies. Every media platform of RS Group, especially Channel 8 and COOLISM, has one of the largest fan bases in Thailand. This facilitating factor enables us to learn customers’ behaviors and access them effectively. We also have a strong backdoor staff of over 500 tele-salespersons who constantly enhance our growth in terms of collecting offline and online data for analyzing, sealing the deals, and offering promotions to customers for continuous repurchases.

Stepping into the new era of new normal to create new S curve

1) The Entertainmerce business model

2) Using data to become a data-driven company

3) Seeking strategic partnerships

4) Mergers and acquisitions

Furthermore, RS Group always keeps in mind the growth of all stakeholders, starting from suppliers. RS Group has carefully selected standardized manufacturers who develop and deliver quality products to the customers. These suppliers will grow together with RS Group. In the meantime, customers will get to use quality products at affordable prices. The growth of our company will certainly benefit our shareholders and hard-working employees. While many businesses are cutting the benefits or salaries of employees due to the crises, we are increasing their benefits to suit the modern generation mindset and promoting lifelong learning. One of our key values is to be “inquisitive”. We believe that employees are the jigsaw we cannot do without in order to develop the organization and we need to act quickly, according to our motto ‘Passion to Win’.

This year, RS Group has set the target income of 4,250 million baht or 20% increase from last year. The new target income is set to fit the situation and to reflect the non-stop effort and strong spirit of the creator who does not stick to the old ways and is ready to change. We are dedicated to passing happiness to people like we have always been doing. We believe that this will drive us to grow steadily and achieve the target income of 10,000 million baht in 2022.

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