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RS Mall highlights Entertainmerce to reach 3.2 billion baht revenue in 2020

After testing the use of unused media space to sell products to its audience, from a revenue of 300 million baht four years ago, today, RS’s MPC (Multi Platform Commerce) business is ready to be rebranded as Virtual Mall to offer consumers more access via its TV channel Channel 8 and partner TV channels namely Thairath TV, Workpoint TV, and recently added Amarin TV, as well as online channels including websites, applications and social media. A wide array of products and services are offered to cater to consumers under the brand RS Mall with a slogan “Fulfill Happiness in Your Life”. The aim is to generate 3.2 billion baht revenue in 2020.

Thanks to modern technology, consumer behavior has changed rapidly. Shopping at traditional malls comes with traffic jams, so consumers do not want to go outside because it is time-consuming, and products are also limited. When they shop online, prices are competitive and there are many promotions, but customers risk receiving substandard products or low quality items. This is a gap in the market, so RS came up with a new way to sell in order to bridge this gap, resulting in Storytelling Commerce.

RS Mall was created with an aim to offer a new experience in buying products and services, offering more speed, convenience and reliability through inspiring storytelling to fulfil everyone’s life. Its target consumers are women from 30 years old up in Bangkok and other provinces nationwide.  

RS Mall is a platform that offers various products and services in fashion and accessories, beauty, health, home items, and gadgets to meet all shopping needs, offering more convenience and safety, catering to digital lifestyle. 

All products are verified and offer innovation and high quality, made using modern technology and award-winning innovation, presented in a way that illustrates the products’ strength by famous presenters, experts, and real users. The products are sold at special prices, with the convenience of home delivery and 24-hour call center. 

Today, Entertainmerce this is an important strategy continued from RS’s outstanding business model which connects all its strengths to drive the growth of its commerce from 2020 onward. RS Mall has many channels including 1. TV channels such as Channel 8, Thairath TV, Workpoint TV, and Amarin TV, 2. Line Official account @rsmall, 3. E commerce website namely www.rsmall.co.th and RS Mall application as well as social media platforms.

At RS Entertainmerce Decoded, Pornpan Techarungchaikul, Chief Commercial Officer of RS Public Company Limited, said that the goal is to grow by more than 50% from 2019 through four key strategies namely 1. Products 2. Presentation 3. Marketing 4. Technology. 

For products, the strategy is to add diversity in product categories and introduce seasonal items to excite the market, as well as exclusive products available only on RS mall, and brand collaboration.

For presentation, there will be live streaming, product demonstration, and interviews with real users.

For marketing, in addition to various campaigns throughout the year, there will also be loyalty programs and special privileges for more than a million RS Mall customers.  

For technology, there will be new tools to centralize customer data to create a better experience. No matter through which channel they access RS Mall, there will be sufficient data to ensure the customer gets the best service. Another technology that will be introduced in order to improve customer service is customer engagement analytics to offer the best choices to customers, from services and touch points to payment and products. Another technology that the company will focus on this year is social listening on every earned media channel through our Social Listening Tool. This will help improve services and do brand health check in the first year of its operation. Another technology that is just as important is data analytics to process information and get insight for business in order to improve marketing and services, as well as new products and campaign analysis to check whether targets are met and how the campaign can be further improved.

All the four technologies are what we will focus on this year to ensure that RS Mall meets the target of becoming a brand that offers a new shopping experience that is fast, convenient and reliable through inspiring storytelling to fulfil everyone’s life.