RS accelerates growth in full force with new management team

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RS accelerates growth in full force with new management team to tackle Entertainmerce business, aiming to achieve a New S Curve for 2020 and reach 5.25 billion baht revenue.

RS has recently announced its vision for “entertainmerce” as one of its strategies to strengthen its business model, building on the success of its entertainment business and adding the storytelling ecommerce method to the mix, and now the company has adjusted its internal structure and appointed a new management team in every department. This is a major shake-up for the company, with an aim to strengthen its business and transform the company to become the leader in Thailand and a data-driven organization. RS will go all out this year and welcome new challenges to reach its goal in 2020.

Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Public Company Limited, said, “Over the past four years, our commerce business has grown steadily and strongly, which has allowed us to understand the business environment, consumer behavior, and gaps in the market which can pave the way for the future. The restructuring and management shakeup will help add a competitive edge to our commerce business as the landscape is quickly evolving. We aim to simplify steps to allow more agility in our operations for more effectiveness. This restructuring focuses on desirable qualities of a leader – open-minded, dynamic, adaptable, and goal-driven. These are the qualities of our company which have helped us grow and reach where we are today.” 

Talented executive Pornpan Techarungchaikul is appointed Chief Commercial Officer, overseeing the company’s commerce business in all aspects, including products, services, and other commercial innovations. Pornpan is experienced in RS’s business and is able to utilize the company’s strengths to develop new commerce opportunities. She is also a great leader who can lead her team to expand the business, thanks to her deep understanding of the company’s brands and corporate culture, having worked at RS for 16 years.  

Meanwhile, Wittawat Wetchabutsakorn has taken the role as Chief Finance Officer to oversee the company’s significant growth. Wittawat has more than a decade’s experience in leading companies in banking and retailing such as Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited and Minor International Public Company Limited. 

Kunchanya Karuhadej will take the position of Chief People Officer, taking care of the company’s strategies to manage its human resources and strengthen the corporate culture, in order to recruit and retail suitable and capable personnel for the company who can become future leaders for RS. Kunchanya has five years’ experience in human resources management at ecommerce company Lazada Thailand, and her most recent position was Human Resources Director.  

To drive the company’s technology, Dr. Parin Fuangvut has been appointed Head of Technology to support the company’s aim to become a Data-Driven Organization. Dr. Parin has a wealth of experience in leading technology development in many organizations, and his most recent position was Head of Technology at BECi Corporation Limited.  

For products and product innovations, Dr. Chakrit Pichyangkul has been appointed Head of Products and Services. He holds a doctoral degree in Innovation Management from Chulalongkorn University, and has been behind the success of LifeStar Limited under RS for the past 15 years.

For Telemarketing, which is another important contributor to the success of the entertainmerce model, Ekasit Kansuwiro, Director of Telemarketing will head the Telemarketing team, using his 10 years’ experience in telemarketing from True Corporation. 

Another major growth factor of the entertainmerce model is Digital Commerce Platform, and RS has appointed Chot Chetchotisak as Head of Digital Commerce Platform, leading a team of young generation to create new channels for RS Mall.   

To take the entertainment business and to make a difference in the Storytelling Commerce Business Model, three executives will lead the change.

Nongluk Ngamroj, Head of Digital Television Business, will be responsible for the overview and operation of Channel 8 in news, dramas, variety shows and sports programs.

Prinn Muensuksaeng, Head of Radio Business, has a lot of experience in radio business and played an important role in COOLfahrenheit radio station, which has remained the #1 station today, and he will look after the station both online and on air.

Sukit Suksakulwat, Head of Music Business, has 17 years of experience in the music business with RS, and he understands the dynamic of the industry, including the structure and the transformation into entertainmerce. 

The new management structure of RS Public Company Limited is effective from February 1, 2020 onward.