“Khun Ice – Sarawat,” from a field reporter to a news anchor of the leading news program “Lui Chon Khao” on Channel 8

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A smart reporter that has become successful at a young age with his determination, constant learning and dedication in all situations and work assignments

“Khun Ice – Sarawat Kijpanit” from “Channel 8’s Lui Chon Khao,” starting out as a behind-the-scene staff and advancing into the roles of a field reporter and a news anchor with “Khun Puttha Apiwan,” a famous news anchor, today revealed his tips about how to work to succeed at a young age.

His role as Channel 8’s news editor

“Mainly, I focus on curating and monitoring news updates, including online, print, other TV channels of all the media outlets and platforms, as well as citizen journalists and netizens. My responsibilities also includes arranging and prioritizing news topics to feature in the program. Working on a news program, I always need to work under time constraints. No matter how, we need to submit work on time, that’s our duty and goal.”

Highlights of Channel 8’s news program

“In addition to the news program ‘Lui Chon Khao,’ Channel 8’s concept is ‘Tee Nee Khong Jing’ or ‘Here’s the real deal.’ Under the concept, Channel 8 offers morning news, noon news, evening news and night news like Lui Chon Khao. All the programs will provide you with factual news covering situations and also including insights from the stories and investigation from top anchors. If you reach out to us, you will get everything you want to know.”

What I’ve learned from working with Khun Puttha Apiwan

“You may have heard about how Khun Puttha is quite fierce and serious. And yes, I can confirm that. He’s very serious when it comes to work. When we work with someone who’s serious at work, we will know right away that he’s has no bias on us. He’s only determined to achieve goals. Rather than teaching us everything step by step, Khun Puttha has a lot of ideas to let us learn on the job.”

Growth factors that boost rapid development

“I will set my goals, determine and devote myself to the job without any limitations. Even though there are some obstacles, I won’t give up and keep moving forward, while telling myself that ‘I can do it.’ I won’t expect the best results, but only focus on doing my best at that moment.”

How should members of the press be like in 2023?

“What’s important most is to stay true to the facts and to not take sides. We shouldn’t give too many personal opinions, as it will influence the audience. Some cases still remain under investigation and have not yet come to conclusion.”

Suggestions for anyone who desires to work in the press

“You should prepare yourselves as much as you can. You may start from experiencing working as an emcee or any related roles. Try to engage yourself with more experiences. Seize any opportunity that you can (because there may only be one chance to do so.) The one who gets them is the most prepared.”

“I know everyone does their best. Every day, reset your mindset so that you see all problems as life lessons that we need to learn and overcome them. You got this.”