RS Group Announces 0.35-Baht Dividend Payout

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RS Group Announces 0.35-Baht Dividend Payout, While Targeting New High Performance From Its Complete Ecosystem & Skyrocketing Growth In Entertainmerce Model in 2022.

At RS Public Company Limited (RS Group), 2021 was the year of sowing, where various investments were put forth to the core business, from product innovation, the launch of new brands and product line, investments in other businesses, to new business partnerships. All of which contributed towards the company’s growth both vertically and horizontally throughout the year and sharpened the company’s competitive edge among the commerce players. In particular, in the health market, the company worked to expand its target market, diversify its customer base, while elevating the media and entertainment industry with blockchain technology. With a strong foundation and business agility at RS Group, 2022 will be the year of harvest, where the company’s growth in both the commerce and entertainment businesses will leapfrog from the new additions to the current Entertainmerce model, such as Popcoin, the smart marketing platform, and direct sales business, ULife. In 2022, the company’s target revenue is 5.1 billion baht. Additionally, RS Group will pay a dividend at the rate of 0.35 baht per share which will be paid out in May 2022.

Mr.Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer, RS Public Company Limited, said, “2021 was another challenging year for many businesses, as we faced the severity of COVID-19 situation and its impacts for the second year. At RS Group, we put high emphasis on agility, which will ensure another great year for us in 2022, because we have expanded and developed our business as planned. For health product innovation, an array of products was introduced to cater to the lifestyle needs of different age groups, including hemp products, collagen supplements, Multi Oil Plus dietary supplement, well u hemp seed oil, CAMU C functional drink, containing 200% of daily needs of vitamin C, and Lifemate brand for pet supplies. This year, we are focused on expanding our online channel for both commerce and entertainment businesses in alignment with the customers’ behavior in the New Normal era. For our media and entertainment business, RS Group created Popcoin, the smart marketing platform, which can enhance and create marketing opportunities, as well as deliver superior benefits to all stakeholders – content creators, sponsors, and consumers alike.”

Mr. Wittawat Wetchabutsakorn, Chief Financial Officer RS Public Company Limited, revealed, “The intensity and impacts of COVID-19 throughout 2021 had forced RS Group to reorient our strategies and way of work to fit the constantly-changing situation. With our resilience, we registered the total revenue from sales and services at 3,573 million baht and the profit of 127 million baht. Our revenue has slightly decreased in 2021 due to two short-term factors: 1) external negative factors that brought short-term impacts, for instance, decreased purchasing power from COVID-19 pandemic, shrinking advertising industry due to economic downturn, and government restrictions to control the pandemic like the prohibits on large events and concerts; and 2) RS Group invested its capital in the development of new brands and products, as well as M&A deals to enter new businesses. These investments have increased our costs in the past year. Nevertheless, we anticipated that Thai economy would recover in 2022, as the pandemic is normalized, and grow from the past year’s investments. Moreovoer, the Company has also approved a dividend of 0.35 baht per share and will pay the dividend in May 2022 to our shareholders.

“Our preparation, in terms of products and brands, in the past year will be the foundation for RS Group to build sales and launch new SKUs under the existing brands. In 2022, Lifestar, the health and wellness company under RS Group, plans to launch more than 28 SKUs, including our leading hemp and CBD products to boost the growth of our commerce business. On another note, our media and entertainment business will generate revenue from new forms of online content, NFT, and various events and concerts. At the same time, Popcoin, the smart marketing platform with over 700,000 registered users, has been picked up and used by various brands as part of their marketing activities, making the platform an essential key to new business opportunities. In addition, we also acquired ULife from Unilever, which came with premium products and its strong network of more than 150,000 business partners. Our first-year target revenue is 900 million baht. We aim to build ULife into Thailand’s top five direct sales companies in Thailand by 2024. The acquisition of ULife also complements the current commerce business in becoming the ultimate lifestyle and wellbeing solution for our consumers, while creating synergy among different business units to serve every customer needs. In short, ULife completed the RS Group ecosystem, allowing the entire value chain to reach its highest potential. With this, we can achieve the new-high performance of 5,100 million baht,” Surachai closed.

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