RS Group ready to march into the pet market and debut the brand ‘Lifemate’ Holistic Wellness for your life partners

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RS Group ready to march into the pet market

and debut the brand ‘Lifemate’ Holistic Wellness for your life partners

After having been waiting for more than a year, today RS Public Company Limited or RS Group is ready to march into the pet business by introducing Lifemate, a new brand for pets under the concept of holistic wellness for your life partners. The brand will take a great care of cats and dogs with healthy food for their skin, hair, bones and joints, vision, and the digestive system. The new brand is launching dry kibble food for dogs and cats. The Complete and Balanced formula is different and adds nutritional benefits with vitamins and extracts that are certified according to world-class animal feed standards, but sold at affordable prices. The debut of the brand creates a new and unusual color for the pet food industry with eye-catching packaging and promoting the strategy of music marketing through the song ‘Lifemate’ that conveys the love and bond between people and pets. The company projects a sales target of 320 million baht by 2022.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Group, said that “the mission of Lifestar Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of RS Group, is to improve people’s lives and health through health innovations. In the past, it has been proven that Lifestar is one of the world’s leading health and beauty innovations delivered directly to Thai consumers with effective products at reasonable prices, and the quality of which is equivalent to international standards. All these are aimed at meeting the diverse needs of consumers in this era who care about their own health and their loved ones. It’s time for us to use our experiences and health innovations to improve the health and lives of our pets alike because the pet market is growing at a higher rate every year. The market value of the pet market is over 40 billion baht, with the dog and cat food accounting for 18 billion baht or 45%. So, it is a great opportunity for us to invade into this new territory. Today, RS Group is ready to launch the Lifemate brand into the market by introducing a high-quality pet food with the same standards as imported products from abroad at affordable prices. The Lifemate brand believes in the equal value of life for people and pets and we are valuing pets as “your life partners” and “members” of your family and you want to share the good times as long as possible.”

Mrs. Pornpan Techarungchaikul, Chief Commercial Officer, states that “we focus on research, innovation, selection of raw material quality, and formula development that meets the needs, in order to make Lifemate’s food the best fit for the health of pets raised in the most Asian environments and climates and to make them live longer with us. We take care of the holistic wellness, both physical and mental. The raw materials of Lifemate products are premium grade. Dogs and cats can eat continuously. We offer a variety of flavors with vitamin supplements and plant extracts that provide all necessary nutritional benefits. It can help prevent diseases that often occur in pets and contain a number of key ingredients that add nutritional value to dogs. For example, krill meal provides great nutrients for bones and joints. Zinc chelate strengthens the skin and increase the shine of hair. Marigold extract boost vision. Pumpkin, rich in antioxidant, decelerates the degradation of cells and boosts the immunity system. Cat food products contain nutritional ingredients such as probiotics and prebiotics which are good microorganisms that improve the intestines and digestive system work well. Psyllium Seed reduces the formation of hairballs in the digestive tract, controls the amount of sodium to suit the cat’s daily needs, and reduce the chances of developing kidney disease.”


“The Lifemate brand comes with a striking package designed by the world’s leading design company, Pentagram, to fit the brand’s concept. Furthermore, Lifemate is launching wet food and snacks in the second or third quarter of 2022. Upon the debut, Lifemate will do a full range of marketing campaigns, such as sample product distribution, making various promotions to reach consumer groups, and aggressive marketing through online channels. More interestingly, the music marketing strategy will be used through the song titled “Lifemate”. Jaruluk Chayakul, or more commonly known by Thai fans as Ball Jaruluk and a cat lover, will write the lyrics and composing the music to be sung by a famous vocalist Rattana Junprasit (Na) from the Polycat band. The music will convey love and bond between people and their pets and establish brand awareness and recognition to the target customers.”

Lifemate products are distributed through pet shops, clinics, and veterinary hospitals across the country, as well as online channels like RS Mall, Shopee, and Lazada. Everyone is invited to meet Lifemate at Pet Expo at BITEC Bangna Exhibition and Convention Center from 25-28 November 2021 at booth P081-P082 to get product samples and participate in the event “Look at the dogs – look at the cats” that gives dogs and cats the opportunity to work with the Lifemate brand and RS Group.


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