RS Group to broaden Entertainmerce by debuting Popcoin, a smart marketing platform, using blockchain technology

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RS Group to broaden Entertainmerce by debuting Popcoin, a smart marketing platform, using blockchain technology,

creating seamless consumer experience, and adding business value in all aspects.

Popcoin Token to be listed in Bitkub Exchange early 2022

It is a huge phenomenon for new-era businesses and consumers when RS Group, a leading commerce and media corporation operated under the Entertainmerce model, and 4th Apple Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of RS Group, whose expertise focuses on content and digital marketing, are debuting Popcoin Smart Marketing Platform by using the blockchain technology to increase the market value of content and entertainment business. With this significant move, the corporation is geared to upgrade and increase the effectiveness of marketing activities, produce and sell content more effectively, and originate new digital assets. Linking the commerce and media-entertainment businesses seamlessly, this new business will broaden the ecosystem of RS Group both vertically and horizontally to ensure secure and sustainable growth.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Group, stated that “this is a new step of RS Group under the Entertainmerce model that draws out the potential and expertise between the media-entertainment and commerce business to support each other. Popcoin platform will be a smart marketing platform with Popcoin Token as the medium of exchange. This bold move will seamlessly synegise our commerce and media-entertainment businesses. It could be said that this model is the state of the art that will increase the value on digital assets. We have recently witnessed an increasing trend of investment in digital assets. However, the options for digital asset investment in Thailand are still limited, particularly credible tokens accredited by a corporation. RS Group views this gap as the opportunity for the digital asset market that are not yet fulfilled. Apart from the value added to the business of RS Group, Popcoin can also be applied to marketing campaigns for brands and products whose results are practically measurable. Furthermore, it can create new customer experience on the Popcoin platform. More importantly, we are also hiring content creators to join our Popcoin Ecosystem as the business partners to grow sustainably together. Popcoin is developed on Bitkub Chain. We have discussed with the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission and are preparing to get Popcoin listed on the trading board of Bitkub, a leading digital asset exchange, approximately the beginning of 2022.”

Mr. Tanon Tanakornprapa, Head of 4th Apple, mentioned that “Popcoin was developed through a collaboration between RS Group, 4th Apple, and Future Competere, our partner specializing in the blockchain technology with more than 5 years of experience to co-develop the “Tokenomic”. Popcoin platform will, therefore, become a smart marketing platform that fulfills the needs, create opportunities, and generate benefits for all stakeholders in the Popcoin Ecosystem, including:

  1. Companies or brands launching marketing campaigns

Popcoin will solve the market measurement problems and can be used to create campaigns to increase direct engagement with consumers with the goal and efficiency while using the budget more cost-effectively. Moreover, Popcoin will be a marketing tool that can adapt the strategy to the target audience, thus giving consumers choice or not feeling subjected to or unwilling to engage with sponsors.

  1. Consumers

Popcoin will be an incentive for consumers to interact and get new experiences with the content of brands or content creators. It can also be being used as an intermediary for exchanging various benefits in the RS Group under the Popcoin ecosystem.

  1. Content creator or event organizers who create entertainment content in various forms, including art, online media and TV media

Popcoin is a tool that allows content creators to deliver their content to their target audience. It helps to increase follower base effectively and functions as an alternative way to generate additional income in addition to the traditional business model.”

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Those interested in Popcoin read further details and learn more from Whitepaper at, follow updates online at,, Line OA, and keep up with news and activities of RS Group at and