The Return of ‘RS Music’ Under the New Business Model ‘Music Star Commerce’

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RS is the most successful music icon of the country, composer of eternal songs, and producer of numerous famous artists from the 80s – 90s. The emergence of the digital era has disrupted the music industry of RS Group with new technology. RS has long been adapting to the change. Today, RS Music is ready to write a new history of the music industry by launching “RS MUSIC NEW ERA: OPEN YOUR MUSIC EXPERIENCE” to quench the nostalgic thirst for RS-style music. It is a challenging move for the music industry to debut new artists from 3 music labels, namely RoseSound, Kamikaze, and RSIAM, with diverse music genres for all generations. The comeback of RS Music will be operated under the ‘Music Star Commerce’ model, which is expected to raise the value for artists to accord with the current business of RS Group.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Group, revealed that “RS is the pioneer and has been the inspiration for the Thai entertainment culture since 1976 with its original name RoseRound before being renamed RS Promotion. The music labels, namely Kamikaze, targeting teenagers, and RSIAM, with the concept of ‘borderless music,’ have been recognized as the most successful music icon in Thailand’s music industry.”

Currently, RS Group’s primary income is from the commerce business. However, the combined strength of the media industry and the commerce industry has been developed into an even more robust business model, Entertainmerce. The new model does not disregard the music industry as the upstream industry. On the other hand, it is a technique to adapt to a new context. Today, RS Music is ready to stage a legendary comeback to the music industry with the RoseSound, Kamikaze, and RSIAM music labels to quench the nostalgic thirst for RS-style music and contrive a more profitable and strategic business model.

  • ‘Music Star Commerce’ is a unique business model in which songs are only a tool. But to create and expand the business is to link stars as business partners to the Entertainmerce business model, which is the main strategy of all RS subsidiaries.
  • There will be a whole new asset management technique such as listening to music via a digital system, management of artists, selling music copyrights, and event and concert hosting.
  • The Company is also planning to join projects with top partners to create new content, such as the “RS X JOOX GENERATION JOOX.” In this project, the legendary songs of RS artists will be reinterpreted by the current artists. The first music video has been released, and another one will be launched within the next month.

“The debut of the three music labels is a significant challenge for the music industry. Next year, we are going to double the number of new singles. This sure will spur the net income of RS Group to hit the target.”

Mr. Sukrit Sukskulwat, Head of RS Music, added that “the comeback of RS Music will entertain you with unprecedented music experience and various music genres for all generations from nine new artists from three music labels.

  • RSIAM, after 18 years in the Thai country music industry, is the revolutionist of the Thai industry toward the concept of borderless music. Now it is becoming the pioneer to introduce mass music through the young generation artist “ROME RSIAM.”
  • The legendary music label RoseSound is making a comeback with four new-gen artists, namely RISA, TIM, MEWSIC and DANUMARC who will entertain audiences with trendy music.
  • The return of Kamikaze will call for the applause of pop music fans through four new-gen artists, namely GRACY, KKP, UTTER and FRESHYBII.

Apart from their prodigious singing and performance talents, they have a unique lifestyle and characteristics suitable for marketing and creating a huge fan base. Their songs will link them with the fans who listen to the music on social networks linked with RS Music with more than 100 million followers. It is expected that this debut will create a ripple of top chart songs and followers of the nine artists.”