“Grow with Safe Space,” the RS Diversity Policy that win RS people’s hearts

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“Khun Sutthirak Manyakas” and “Khun Narupon Arjharn,” employee representatives that “grow with safe space,” one of RS people’s favorite RS Diversity policy

RS GROUP has over 1,300 employees with a variety of genders, ages, and physical appearances. RS Diversity, therefore, provide opportunities for all staffs to unleash their abilities and a safe working space for everyone.

Life@RS introduces the employee representatives with their stories of working in the diverse space of RS GROUP.

Khun Sutthirak Manyakas, Supervisor Transport Management | Asset & Facility Management, revealed: “I’ve been working here for 14 years. At first, I started out as a driver. However, 10 years ago, I had a serious health issue and had to have my leg amputated to stay alive. At the time, the company gave me a three-month leave of absence – one-month leave with pay and two months without pay. Once I resumed working, my boss offered me the chance to move from driver to transport manager. Also, all my colleagues gave me great support and greeted me in exactly the same way as before. I feel so blessed to be a staff of RS. Everyone is very nice to me, especially my coworkers who value and treat me fairly.”

Khun Narupon Arjharn, Manager, News Content | Channel 8, said: “It’s been nine years that I’ve been working as an reporter of Channel 8, an occupation that has been my dream job since I was in school. Through this job, I met different people with various ages and careers. Working at RS equips me with essential skills and perspectives. I experienced changes all the time, which I considered as new opportunities to pursue success. In addition to the fact that my dream has come true, I’m grateful to become a part of RS family where I found a safe working space full of differences and diversity. No matter who we are, we appreciate those with abilities and grant everyone their own rights.

As employees are a key driver to move forward the company to achieve stable and sustainable growth, RS GROUP strives to accept differences of staffs and truly #GrowTogetherwithRS based on competence without bias.