Hi, my name is Ball, a data scientist from the Business Analytics Team

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In your view, what is RS like?

My first recognition of RS is a music company known for famous songs in the 90s and early 2000s, particularly the renowned FM COOLISM : Cool Fahrenheit. Let’s say it is in the entertainment industry. When I started working here, I learned later that the company has several functions that I had never heard about before, such as the commerce company known as RS Mall. Personally, I was never a customer of RS Mall, but people around me, such as my parents, are its customers. Now, RS also has a cryptocurrency known as Popcoin. I am genuinely excited to have worked here.

Why have you decided to work for RS?

The reason why I am interested in working here is that RS Group is a group of companies with a very large variety of businesses and products. Coming to work here will teach me to learn how to work with talented people, which I think will allow me to bring out the potential of data to use and further develop as much as possible.
How is the working atmosphere now?
My department is the Technology Group. The working atmosphere is relaxing. Everyone has access to information, and colleagues are helpful. Another thing that I like is that every floor has a pantry room where you can sit and chill. Otherwise, the cafe below the building is good. It has a great atmosphere. We can sit and work from the cafe. The important thing is that I like how the company measures our work performance.
How do you see the future of the RS Group?

Because now our company has quite a lot of data, we are planning and working on extracting insights from our existing data as efficiently as possible. This is where I think it will undoubtedly be a turning point in the future business operations of RS Group.
What projects does the Technology Department have right now?

We are currently working on the recommendation and search systems, along with NPL-related projects. I think these projects are catching up with the growing trend.

Do you have anything to say to those interested in working for RS Group?

We have several interesting projects for you to work on. If you are keen to work with a company that allows you to do various tasks and meet colleagues from multiple sectors, RS Group is one of the most fulfilling choices.