“Khun Kaew- Krongkaew Kitsawangphongkul” Product Manager, CAMU C, Lifestar

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Active people with a sense of ownership over their job will make the job enjoyable and lead to more learning and developments

คุณแก้ว-กรองแก้ว กิจสว่างพงษ์กุล

“Khun Kaew- Krongkaew Kitsawangphongkul” Product Manager, CAMU C, Lifestar


Khun Kaew- Krongkaew has been a marketing specialist with rich experience in promoting a wide range of beverages of top brands in Thailand before she decided to work for CAMU C. This brand is known for vitamin C extract from camu camu fruits with 200% vitamin C and high concentration of vitamin B 12. The brand is launched by Lifestar, a subsidiary of RS Group. It is challenging for her to make the CAMU C brand known among and favored by the new generations. Khun Kaew also has outstanding attitudes toward working life and learning while always being ready to develop her skills.

CAMU C has a unique strength, is committed to competing in the market, and is directed toward success.

“Marketing plans for functional drink products have more various angles to play. More importantly, by highlighting the extract of camu camu, a superfruit, CAMU C will make the products more interesting than just another vitamin C drink. We can present it better than that, despite having just started. I think we are ready to march into the market and achieve success.”

Aside from new flavors, CAMU C still keeps the highlight to surprise customers this year.

“Now, apart from a new and tastier CAMU C product, we also have CAMU C Plus with Hemp and CAMU C CBD Shots, the first brand of Thailand to invade the premium market. CAMU C is working with 4th Apple to prepare an exclusive activity known as Food Truck. CAMU C wants to surprise our customers. Please keep an eye on our updates and try some.”

Only active people who have a sense of ownership can work at Lifestar.

“I used to talk with my boss. If I only waited for her command before I could act, I would be the same person without further development. And this is not fair for the company, and neither for me. So, those who want to work here must be active and have a sense of ownership over their jobs. These people will listen to something and think about it. And if we are in a place where people actively speak and share ideas, the working environment will be enjoyable and friendly for more learning opportunities.”