“Khun Nok – Chutiwadi Thongnak” – Assistant Director – News Content • Channel 8

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Looking at behind the scene of Channel 8 on how to make news understandable for the general public

คุณนก-จุติวดี ทองนาค

“Khun Nok – Chutiwadi Thongnak” : Assistant Director – News Content • Channel 8


With long experience as a journalist, “Khun Nok – Chutiwadi Thongnak” has transferred her knowledge to university students as a guest speaker and highly qualified coaching team before becoming a news editor at Channel 8 TV station. This is a challenge for her skill, which is not just to build up the ratings but to present complex news content in a language that is easily accessible and understandable to the general public.

Having worked for many companies, Khun Nok is most impressed with Channel 8 team

“Having worked for many news channels, I am most impressed with Channel 8 team. The content creation team and production team work together very effectively. They have solid teamwork. The teams are worker ants at the backdoor, analyzing news every day and taking it seriously with every topic and content.”

Developing the strength of Channel 8 by digesting difficult news by using a language that is easily accessible and understandable to the audience

“We know that the viewers of Channel 8 are ordinary people, street vendors, and people from provincial areas. To access our viewers, we must use an easy technique for them to understand. The register should be something between semi-formal and spoken language. This enables us to communicate with them effectively despite difficult topics. News scripts need to be arranged in a way that people easily understand. The reporters must communicate with body language and verbal language that touch the audience’s hearts. It makes them feel like Channel 8 is a family member who can sit and watch something that they would love to know, something that affects their lives, and they can apply the information in their daily lives.”

Emphasizing the ethical principles of presentation that do not have to be as fast as the 5G era, but has to screen news that affects society

“In fact, every channel has similar ethical principles, such as respecting privacy and protecting the victim’s information in domestic or sexual abuse cases. Channel 8 only emphasizes these issues because news travels faster in the 5G era. I have always instructed my team not to focus on immediacy but to carefully screen the news, especially sensitive cases that affect society, such as suicide cases. Instead, we choose to present the knowledge about depression and how to take care of depression patients.”

Accelerating the expansion of the audience base to teenagers and urban people with live broadcasts in the scenes

“The goal is to expand the audience base to engage more teenagers and urban people. I view that our news team is strong. This year, we will present live news from the scenes of ​​the incident both on TV and on our online media. This allows us to see the characteristics and the identity of Channel 8 reporters who will report in easy and informal language that can access the audience.”

Those who wish to work in journalism with Channel 8 must practice a lot.

“You have to practice a lot. Today, there are a number of stages or programs that offer the new generation an opportunity to submit their work to contests. It will be your own profile when applying for a job. There will be more opportunities when you are hired to do the job, especially at Channel 8. This year, we will have a workshop event and run a roadshow about news events that will go to several universities across the country for the youngsters to participate in activities with Channel 8.”