Kitsada “Kung” Pongsuwan Senior Manager, Media and Marketing Division, RS Mall

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“I have been a part of RS GROUP for more than seven years, in many different roles. From Investor Relations (IR) to Health & Beauty for Lifestar. Today, I’m stepping up to take on another exciting role in Media & Marketing for RS Mall. In every role, I really strive to achieve the company’s goals and targets. As one of RS GROUP’s Core Values, being Goal-Oriented means being focused on achieving goals and delivering results, not being bogged down by process. For me, this includes meeting or exceeding sales targets each month. It is challenging yet exciting because we must work in tandem to attain those goals.”

“When it comes to my personal career goals, I use visualization techniques to envision where I want to be in the future. Then I look at where I stand today, and whether I am heading in the right direction. If not, I asked myself if there anything I can change or excel in, to take the next step in my career.”