Narupon “Mon” Arjharn Senior Reporter, Channel 8 TV Station

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“I have been a senior reporter at Channel 8 TV Station for six years. I pride myself on being a news storyteller. For me, any serious reporting like crime, socio-economic issues, political developments or world events can be broken down into bite size reports that viewers can easily understand. By offering viewers news that is easy to watch, easy to tell, and easy to understand, we differentiate ourselves by harnessing fact while also being friendly and accessible to our audience. This compares with the more traditional reporting style which viewers might sometimes find hard to understand.”

“With the ever-evolving nature of the news landscape, the industry today is fiercely competitive. Consumers are spoilt for choice. In this fast-changing world, my passion for news storytelling drives me to pursue knowledge and uncover the truth. By witnessing the hardship of people in our society, and seeing social and economic issues with my own eyes, I’m deeply committed to presenting thought-provoking news content and making a positive impact on people and on society.”