Narupon Arjharn (Mon), Manager Reporter, CH8

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Channel 8 reporter sharing his 8-year journalistic experience

Narupon Arjharn (Mon), Manager Reporter, CH8


Speaking of a dream job, a reporter might pop up in many people’s minds. Have you ever wondered what is the first step if you wish to pursue this career?

Today, Life @ RS is honored by “Narupon Arjharn (Mon)”, Manager Reporter at Channel 8, a subsidiary of RS Group, who will share his 8-year journalistic experience at Channel 8.

The beginning of this dream job sparked in junior high school when Mon was often chosen to give a presentation in front of the class. He started to like the feeling of it and imagined what it would be like to become a reporter.

The picture in his dream became clearer when he was an intern at a TV station. Mon’s performance in this internship shone so brightly that senior reporters asked him to join their team. Unfortunately, his dream did not come true at the time because he had an obligation to military service. This cost him the opportunity to pursue his dream.

After completing military service, the pursuit of his dream began again. At Channel 8, his first responsibility was crime news. Today, however, news reporting has changed from covering different categories to focusing on current trends. So, Mon has to adapt to changes, stay alert, and keep track of the trend in this rapidly changing and highly competitive situation in terms of immediacy to serve the audience across the country.

Working as a field reporter is a challenging and risky task. It demands intense concentration to communicate and catch the points of news, to control the situation at the frontline, and to solve any problems that may arise.

In Mon’s view, journalists who will survive today are not geniuses but good at adapting, learning, always being prepared, and being willing to grab the opportunity when it comes.

For those who dream of becoming a reporter, Mon advised that they practice communication skills, grasp the points, stay focused on the issues being reported, and not get distracted. Also, they need to follow and analyze news to prepare themselves to shine among senior journalists.

In the end, Mon added that we all have the right to dream. Whatever that dream is, we must not burden others but prove that we can do it well.