Khun Pom – Pafun Rachatasakul Assistant Director-Creative & Production • 4th Apple

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4th Apple, a key cog behind the RS Group’s seamless business connection

คุณปอม พาฝัน

Khun Pom – Pafun Rachatasakul : Assistant Director-Creative & Production • 4th Apple


Starting as a creative, thinker, and writer with long experience in the entertainment industry, Khun Pom (Pafun Rachatasakul) has become a main driver at 4th Apple, a new business under RS Group. As the Deputy Director of the Creative and Production Department, Khun Pom supervises more than 30 staff members in charge of customer service, content production, event, and supporting the smart marketing platform like “Popcoin” for optimized efficiency.

Could you please tell us how 4th Apple plays a role in connecting RS Group business?

“4th Apple brings out the digital marketing expertise to support and broaden the business of RS Group in terms of marketing consultation and online media production for RS Group’s brands and subsidiaries. Our company creates the influencer network of RS Group that covers every lifestyle, generates new content from the existing assets, and develops the smart marketing platform known as “Popcoin.”

Could you please share with us the tip for managing the team and significantly increased workload?

“First, you need to ‘listen.’ I value the opinions of my subordinates and accept my mistakes identified by other team members. Second, we ‘share’ with one another to make a plan to achieve desired outcomes. I ‘help’ the team like a substitute who is ready to jump in to lend a hand. My working style is not a bottom-down hierarchy, but I provide ‘supports’ so that the team can fully focus on the tasks and be always ‘alert’ to tackle any problems.”

What achievements are we going to see from 4th Apple?

“We create the ecosystem to increase the value of Popcoin by prioritizing the entertainment sector. We will organize activities and produce collectibles for the fans of Korean, Thai, and folk artists. We will also launch new music works in a special form and collaborate with top brands to craft exclusive products as special collections. There will also be events for those who love dogs and cats, fashion, and parties.”

What do you want to say to the new generation people who wish to work with 4th Apple? What qualifications should they have?

“We have to admit that 4th Apple grows really fast. I’d like to tell the young and motivated talents that you will feel like working for a startup. So, don’t be afraid to work really hard and learn quickly. You must be ready to step into a new space and get out of your comfort zone. Instead, you must be open, adaptable, and willing to improve yourselves all the time. More importantly, it would be best to be open and accept your own mistakes because nobody is perfect. Last but not least, you must truly focus on what you are doing.”