Punyada Wiboonpin (Oil) : Senior Manager, Telemarketing – Inbound & Non-Voice I RS Mall

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Behind the success of professional telesales and the path of upgrading the team to become the Best Call Center to serve the duty of ‘Your Wellbeing Partner.’

Punyada Wiboonpin (Oil) : Senior Manager


Speaking of RS Mall, many might perceive it as a platform that sells cosmetics, health products, and pet-related products, which is one of the biggest subsidiaries of RS Group. Its primary mission is to become Your Wellbeing Partner.

Behind the goal’s success stands a team of professional sales agents who increase sales and drive the corporation’s growth and still need to improve themselves all the time to become wellbeing partners of all customers.

“The telemarketing that involves getting the calls from customers is known as ‘inbound.’ It is the gateway to creating a good first impression between customers and the brand. Therefore, a service mind is essential.” These are the first sentences by Punyada Wiboonpin (Oil), the Senior Manager, Telemarketing – Inbound & Non-Voice from RS Mall. Oil plays a significant role in supervising telesales staff who receive customers’ phone calls via the hotline 1781 and 02-023-5555, along with other social media platforms, including Facebook and Line @RSMALL.

We need to become ‘Your Wellbeing Partner’ for our customers.

“There are lots of products on RS Mall. Everyone in our team must know deep insights about all our products. So, we need to train our team members all the time and establish a knowledge center that collects information on all products to guide all team members in the same direction. We understand that providing accurate information to customers is really important. We need to provide complete and accurate information, whatever the product is. Furthermore, sales staff must be able to adapt and understand customers’ pain points to introduce the right products and solve the right problems.”

The pride to have worked at RS Mall

“I’m so proud to see the sales staff become more professionals. They are not just able to seal the deal but also possess other skills such as good customer service and being the health advisors for our customers. They need to have the service mind to do this job well. At this point, we can see clear changes and development. In the next step, I want to upgrade the Telesales Team of RS Mall to become the Best Call Center to serve the duty of ‘Your Wellbeing Partner.’ This will be a huge success and the pride for working here.”

Every work unit plays a crucial role in driving the company toward its goal. If you have passion for your job and believe that you can overcome any challenges, you will be happy and proud in your working life.