Rattapawee Lapnan (Kae), Senior Manager, Sustainable Development

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Kae-Rattapawee, the advocate who has successfully driven RS Group to be listed in the Thailand Sustainability Investment Index (THSI) for two consecutive years

Rattapawee Lapnan (Kae), Senior Manager, Sustainable Development


Many people may still believe that sustainable development has little or no impact on their lives. However, sustainability is actually all around us. Accordingly, environmental prevention, local community support, and the diversity and equality policy have been one of RS Group’s top priorities in recent years.

‘Kae-Rattapawee’ and her role to communicate sustainability development related matters to investors and the general public

“The general public may consider sustainable development as a complicated subject. That’s why I’m responsible as a connector between RS and stakeholders to share the stories of the company’s contributions to society, which includes supporting society, creating jobs, distributing income to local communities, and providing health, beauty, and safety to consumers through our products. At the same time, RS Group’s employees have contributed by sorting waste into categories in order to proceed with recycling. Moreover, we have adopted the Diversity Policy to provide equality to all employees. We’d like everyone to hear about all these actions and recognize that sustainability is a priority for RS Group both inside and outside the company.

RS Group’s Future Sustainability Direction

“In the past two years, we performed well in terms of social and environmental reservation. In the next steps, we will strive to reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which includes net zero emissions of greenhouse gases, effective resource use, and reducing the effects of climate change.”

With the dedication in the past few years, RS Group has been listed in the Thailand Sustainability Investment Index (THSI) for two consecutive years

“To be listed in the THSI is one of the best awards someone working in the field of sustainable development could hope for. Each company listed in the index has been carefully selected by SET. We have been listed in the index for two consecutive years. That demonstrates that RS Group has been genuinely committed, improved the entire work system, and actually grew from within the organization.

Necessary Skills for Pursuing Careers in Sustainable Development

“Both hard skills and soft skills are crucial. It’s important to view every situation as an opportunity to improve and grow. As sustainability development is still a new concept, not only in the organization, but also in Thailand. It could be challenging for people to understand. However, if we keep an open mind, we will realize it’s not about spending money, but rather changing our behaviors.”

“I’d love to see everyone enjoy working despite the difficulties. I’d like to encourage everyone to see that all challenges are just like games. When you wake up in the morning, you feel motivated about what you will make happen today. Even though each task could be difficult, we can complete them one at a time and progressively get closer to our goal. However, completing tasks is not the same as achieving success,” ‘Kae-Rattapawee concluded.