“RS Diversity” The equality policy that embraces all potential LGBTQ+ people Colorful wheels of RS GROUP

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“RS Diversity” The equality policy that embraces all potential LGBTQ+ people Colorful wheels of RS GROUP

RS Diversity campaign


RS Group has recently kicked off the RS Diversity campaign to highlight equal benefits for LGBTQ+ employees. Today, we have an opportunity to discuss with five employees regarding equality and their experience at RS Group, including new benefits that serve all the spectrum of diversity without discrimination.

Let’s start with Khun Kay from RS Music who has been working at RS for over 20 years. He shares a good story of equality. “I am lucky to have worked with open-minded superiors and colleagues all these years. This is terrific because my ideas are always welcomed, and I can share everything with my team without gender, age, or position discrimination. Everyone is open-minded and equal.”

Khun Than, a drama PR officer at Channel 8, added that “my work has been evaluated essentially based on my performance without gender bias. In fact, I have been given more opportunities to show my full potential and prove my abilities. Let’s say, everyone gives me a chance to shine without discrimination.

In addition to equal opportunity without gender bias under the roof of RS Group, the company’s policy of equal benefits for all has made many employees entitled to more suitable and comprehensive benefits. For example, Khun Tanya, a transgender from the IT Department, shared with us about the company’s new benefit that allows employees who wish to take leave for a gender reassignment surgery. The right to paid leave is as long as 45 days a year, which is equal to maternity leave. “As a transgender, I think this is a great benefit. I truly appreciate and would like to thank the company for taking the matter seriously and understanding our right to equal treatment.”

We have heard some good news that Khun Ratsuda and Khun Natsima from 4th Apple are planning to get married soon. Highlighting equal marriage, RS has recently increased the benefit to 5,000 baht to support employees’ weddings, regardless of gender. The lovers shared this story with a smile. “We have really benefited from this policy because we already have a plan to get married this year. This makes us feel that it is not just good benefits; it’s how equally we are treated without any difference from the other genders, at which point we take great pride in working here.”

Whoever you are and have any preferences or orientation, everyone is an employee of equal importance, and RS is here to support diversity to achieve future success.