Who is not willing to volunteer? RS is willing!

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Sharing the perspective of two RS employees who have the volunteer spirits from the “RS Volunteers (RS R Sa)” campaign, the center of charitable hearts from all departments of RS Group


A member of RS Volunteers (RS R Sa) : Ni & Guide


Nurturing employee relations within the organization is a key concept that will help foster collaboration, spark ideas, and exchange knowledge for achieving the determined goals of the organization. That is the origin of the “RS Volunteers (RS R Sa)” campaign, the center of charitable spirits from all departments of RS Group, aiming to establish positive relations in the organization and create good things for nearby society.

The “RS Volunteers (RS R Sa)” campaign was intended to strengthen the relationship among employees through cooperation in various activities inside and outside the organization. Previously, both the management and staff of RS have worked with external organizations in taking field visits to take care of communities in Chatuchak for many campaigns, for example, RS Care Bags and RS Self-Isolation Care Boxes during the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration with the Baan Nokkamin Foundation to distribute face masks and hand sanitizer gel to the poor and homeless people in Bangkok, We Change by Chatuchak: Kayak in Conservation of Canals where management, artists, and employees of RS collecting waste in Khlong Lat Phrao, Khlong Bang Khen, and Khlong Prem Prachakorn, as part of corporate social responsibility to nearby communities.

With the cooperation of employees who have volunteer spirits from every field of work, the project “RS Volunteer (RS R Sa)” rose to attract more employees to participate and cooperate more than ever before. We have started with Project #RSDIVERSITY: Zero tolerance of bullying, where RS Group announced its stance as an organization of diversity and equality. The company organized activities to transfer knowledge to students in Chatuchak District to join hands to end bullying to zero. In this event, we saw all the volunteers work together to push the project toward absolute success.

From all these hugely successful campaigns by the power of RS people, we interviewed two employees who shared their feelings as part of the volunteer team.

Let’s begin with Ni – Khotchapan Nopchinda, Organization Culture & Engagement from the Human Resources Department, where this project was pioneered. She said:

“The starting point of this project is that we want to strengthen the relationship among our employees. Therefore, we would like representatives of each department to be the leader in organizing various activities, starting with just a small activity from internal communication and then gradually attracting employees’ interest so that they want to join more volunteer activities. We want all staff members to know that, to become volunteers, our hearts must love to help with the activities. Whenever you are convenient, and your body and your mentality are ready, let’s come together to do great things and make changes together.”

Now let’s hear from Guide – Theedej Tiravanichkul, Senior Manager, Corporate Event, from the Brand and Corporate Communications Department. As a member of RS Volunteers (RS R Sa), Guide forwarded the following message to us.

“Being part of RS Volunteers (RS R Sa) allowed me to learn new things from various departments and their representatives who worked together. When we did an activity together, the volunteer members helped each other actively. Everyone lent their hand voluntarily. Volunteer activities create the connection to assist in work and other activities that may come in the future.”

It is indeed heartening to hear. We can see clearly that if every part, even small cogs, in the organization does their duties well and cooperates with other employees firmly, the organization’s success as a whole is soon to come. Please keep updated with interesting projects from RS Volunteer (RS R Sa) real soon.