Town Hall Meeting : Promoting Visibility & Teamwork at RS

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Town Hall Meeting:  Promoting Visibility & Teamwork at RS

Since our move to the Prasertmanukij Campus, RS GROUP has rebranded itself and redefined its corporate culture and values while continuing to inspire and bring happiness to our consumers. 

In the light of the new corporate culture and values, the management team regularly holds a Town Hall Meeting at Rose Hall on campus to communicate the true meaning of the corporate culture, values, and mission. To ensure that every employee understand the bigger picture and enable them to contribute effectively, each Town Hall Meeting mainly discusses the vision and business direction of the organization and its subsidiaries and instills teamwork, one of our core values, among our employees. It is also where the executives provide updates on performance and other privileges, as well as open the floor for any employee to ask the executives any question to reduce any communication gap within the organization.

Town Hall is organized every quarter, with the last two being in August and December 2020.