Mr.Worawit Sornchai (Wit), the Business Strategic Communication Director

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The likable life and the right job of a highly active guy, Mr.Worawit Sornchai

A key power of ULife, a modern direct sales business under RS Group

Mr.Worawit Sornchai (Wit), the Business Strategic Communication Director


#TellMeMoreAboutRS Previously, RS Group acquired Unilever Life to broaden the Entertainmerce model and its ecosystem. The M&A strengthened RS Group regarding products, distribution channels, and business opportunities for the commerce business while establishing synergy within the Group. Just recently, RS Group opened home to welcome the ULife team specializing in direct sales as part of its minimalistic and cool office in the neighborhood of Prasertmanukit Road.

Today, we talked with Mr.Worawit Sornchai (Wit), the Business Strategic Communication Director, a professional team member specializing in communication, special events, media, online channels, and expanding online channels to ULife. Wit shared his feelings to have become a member of RS Group.

“ULife has officially been a part of RS Group for about three months. We are impressed with all relevant teams, including Channel 8, COOLISM, and Brand and Corporate Communications, for their full support in promoting ULife.

Our team has to organize a lot of activities. In particular, in the special business talk, we have to collaborate with executive team of 4th Apple and financial to discuss the business plans and get prepared to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. It is safe to say that we have to work with almost every department in the organization. Everyone has been kind and highly cooperative. This is the impression that the ULife team has had so far.

Aside from having worked with other departments, it is also our great pleasure to have worked with the CEO. His working style is as clear as day, and he has a solid passion for driving ULife, a new subsidiary of RS Group, by supporting us in every element. His clear vision allows us to adapt and set the right target.”

As a new part of RS Group, how has ULife fulfilled the ecosystem of RS Group?

“As a business in the commerce sector, ULife will fulfill the product portfolio to RS Group to reach more customers. Besides, ULife will increase distribution channels because ULife has individual sales agents known as business partners as another way to reach customers.”

Apart from the feelings of having been part of the organization and fulfilling the ecosystem of RS Group, Wit also counterargued the idea that many people view direct selling as an unrealistic business. Having more than 20 years of experience in the direct selling business, Wit shares with us how ULife is different from other direct selling businesses.

“It is not uncommon for many people to have this question, but at ULife, we ​​are clear that every success story is a proven success. As for the income, we highlight the success of business partners called the Millionaire Club, which proves that everyone there is actually doing the business and earning real and verifiable cash. We are a transparent direct selling business with inspiration and passion for delivering good health to more than 10 million Thais across the country and helping 1,000,000 partners to build their businesses and generate income to fulfill ‘Live Your Life’ motto.”

#PassiontoWin Now that we have known the impressive mission and goals of Wit let’s keep updated about the success of ULife as a new direct selling business under RS Group. Everyone can follow the updates of new products and special offers from ULife on