Boss, Senior Manager of the Media and Marketing Team of RS Mall

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Hi, my name is Boss, the Senior Manager of the Media and Marketing Team of RS Mall.

I am a member of RS Mall. My duties are to plan and select a variety of products to be sold on various platforms of RS Mall, present our products on digital TV channels to suit the customer base of each channel so that customers get the products that fulfill their needs at reasonable prices. I have been working here for more than half a year. My job is fun and really challenging. We adapt to changes and work quickly. I think my job is enjoyable and gives me great experiences.

In your view, what is RS like?

I view that RS Group is a great Thai company and can grow much further in the future in this new era because we adapt quickly, whether in terms of the overall operational plans of the group and how the employees work in each line. Most importantly, I think that RS Group is a secure company.

Why have you decided to work for RS?

Well, for me, RS is a company that has a long history with Thai people since the 80’s. In fact, RS company has been there since before I was born. I think RS is a very secure company. So, I’m interested in working here because I have Hia Ho as the driving force in my life, including the aspects of work and life.

How is the working atmosphere now?

I’m younger than the rest of the team members. But in the working atmosphere, we respect work and coach each other like friends. There is no seniority involved at all. I think that the working atmosphere here is very friendly. If you don’t understand anything, you can just ask. Therefore, our work can be done quite quickly, and results seen quickly, which is the way of working that I like and think is suitable for working conditions in today’s era.

How do you see the future of the RS Group?

We are a group of companies covering a wide range of businesses, such as music, media production, product manufacturing, merchandise distribution, new artist creation, and the recently launched financial service (Popcoin). So, I view that RS Group will be a company that, in the future, even if the business in Thailand will change like us, we are able to adapt well all the time.

Do you have anything to say to those interested in working for RS Group?

I would like everyone who is interested in working with us not to think that RS is just a company. I want you to think that this place is like a home, like a warm family. We strive to provide opportunities for passionate people to work and grow with us. Let’s join us and become our family members.