RS Diversity tenured employees whose vigorous fire in work is still burning have passed several transitions. These tenured employees can say they have been working for RS in every disruption era.

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RS Diversity : Krai, Nang, Pu and Koy


Today, changing to a new job is not difficult as long as you have the knowledge and abilities to meet the current labor market needs. At RS, however, many tenured employees have worked for the corporation so long that they have become an essential part of each transition at different times. What views and ideas do they have? Let’s read the interviews of the tenured employees at RS Group whose vigorous fire to work is still burning.

“For some people, 17 years might be a long time, but I feel like my work has allowed me to learn new things all the time,” Koy – Kasama, the Public Relation Manager from the Brand & Corporate Communications Department, set out the reason for working at RS Group for 17 with a smile on her face. Khun Koi continued, “because RS never stops. We have been through every transition and moved forward since the music business era, followed by radio and television media, until today’s commerce business. These transitions made us learn and forced us to keep up with changes. Therefore, our pride is that we are part of the organization. We have grown up together. A bond in life and work offers both happiness and pride until today.”

Let’s continue with Nang – Jarunee, Supervisor-Asset & Facility • Asset & Facility Management. She shared with us how the company cares for tenured employees equally. “The working atmosphere and organizational culture here is nice. There are several activities that we can join. We can express ourselves and share our ideas. I have a growing sense of equality and non-discrimination. I feel great that RS does not only care about work but also gives us back with great benefits and offers us opportunities to improve ourselves.”

Pu – Aumnuay, Manager of COOL Radio from COOLISM radio station, shared with us, “I will have been working at RS for 22 years soon. RS is like a second home that gives me warmth and offers new experiences all the time. Since the first day, I have seen the vision of directors with strong policies and commitment, ready to adapt to changes and clear business plans. As a consequence, COOLISM has become the top favorite radio station today. We have to accept that our teams are part of the success. I believe this is an example of good organizational culture that has kept many tenured employees working for the company for a long time.”

The last interviewee today is Krai – Phiphatkorn, the Supervisor of Help Desk and IT Support, IT Department. He told us about a critical factor that keeps him working at RS for as long as 20 years. “Over the years that I’ve been working here, our supervisors determine and set out plans for us. These plans show us clear directions to achieve the goal. They also give advice and help us cope with various issues. Most importantly, the supervisors always listen to their team members and value them equally, whether the new faces or tenured employees like us. This attitude allows us to improve our knowledge and keep pace with new technology constantly. Furthermore, we can introduce the new technology to support other teams effectively. It makes us feel a sense of value and potential for the company over previous transition periods.”

Because at RS, we value every employee equally, whether you are the fiery new generation or the old tenured and experienced ones. This is for all of us to be happy together, ignited to work, and be part of the organization for a long time.